I was duped. I was taught that history was about remembering dates. Maybe it was me that was the problem. Maybe that’s all I THOUGHT history was. Years after high school, when I discovered ancient history and I found out that there were giants upon the earth, I was captivated!

If your mind is open to see what IS rather than what we are TOLD, you will find this book will rattle your beliefs.

The question is, do you want to stay in a comfortable mental stuper or are you open to what the facts show?

We are subjects, not rulers. Hard proof can be found scatter all around the globe. The facts are there for those with eyes to see and an open mind to comprehend. The key to seeing the facts is to stop accepting the lies that stories of old were just “myths” and “symbolic”. I’ve come to realize these so-called “myths” are anything but myths.

Who gave anyone the right to turn FACTS into MYTH? One of the better known examples of this lunacy is preached in many churches. They say that stories in the Bible aren’t to be taken literally. Really? Says who?

The Bible talks about giants on the earth. I chose to believe the Bible over what some group called “they” say. The Bible says there were giants upon the earth. And this book is chock full of facts that there were indeed giants here.

Don’t read this book if you don’t like your beliefs challenged! But if you want to know the FACTS this book is full of facts that there were giants upon the earth.

And then there is this one, which I read about a year ago. Erich von Daniken has written over 40 books since his first best seller Chariots Of The Gods, and this one is his latest.


There Were Giants Upon The Earth

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