Are doctors purposely lying about how best to treat cancer or do they just not know how?

This video series and it’s supporting website opens this topic wide open to those with open minds.

SOURCE: Ty Bollinger’s The Truth About Cancer

Introduction of docs and experts:

Myths busted and truths spotlighted:

  • Insulin resistance is the core cause. Intermittent fasting is the best defense against cancer. Also obesity is key cause and movement/excercise is another key defense. Dr. Mercola

“Earlier detection just means early death because the earlier they find it, the earlier they start cutting you, the earlier they start treating you with chemotherapy and radiation, the earlier you die. Breast cancer goes 7 to 12 years to a size in the breast that you can even diagnose it.”  Dr. Leonard Coldwell at 25:29

Mammograms and chemo cause cancer. … ~28:00

You don’t get cancer and then…34:40

The Truth About Cancer

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