The book Blue Zones is about the 8 areas on the planet that has The Oldest Living People in the World 

A favorite author of mine, Bob Barefoot, has written many books including  The Calcium Factor and his research (he’s a chemist, not a doctor – which is a plus to me), indicates that calcium, and in particular coral calcium, is a contributing factor to all of the people referenced in the Blue Zones book.

Full disclosure, I take Barefoot’s coral calcium because I believe that who prepares a supplement is just as important as what supplement I take. And because his site offers an affiliate link, I use that program and make 10%. If that bothers you, then by all means go get your coral calcium somewhere else. I would tout the product either way because I’d perused (take that as I’ve scrutinized) most all of his books and the man knows his stuff.

When you look at a list of the oldest living people in the world you see that the majority of them are in Japan and the United States. South of Japan is Okinawa which has a large population of people who live near the coral reefs. It’s this group of people who are the only group referenced in the book Blue Zones who don’t live in the mountains. It’s believed that this group gets it’s calcium from the coral calcium of the coral reefs and that the mountain groups get theirs from the glacial water. Either way, a secret to wholesome and extensive lifestyle appears to be the use coral calcium. The coral reefs produce coral calcium and it’s the marine coral calcium that you want. If it’s not marine sourced, I don’t want it! The marine sourced calcium has the correct ratio of calcium and magnesium, too.

It has been stated that a lot of ailments are connected with mineral deficiencies and by supplementing important vitamins and minerals help the body to acquire the correct pH, or possible hydrogen, the body wants to optimize health.

An ideal Coral Calcium which is readily available to the body is the marine sourced coral calcium from Bob Barefoot. He is a scientist and chemist and an expert on Coral Calcium and Vitamin D as well. I am a believer in the statement that we are what we eat. And the body requires and uses calcium and vitamin D more than any other nutrients and is a big factor when one looks at the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the oldest people in the world.


The Calcium Factor
The Calcium Factor explains how the body uses calcium in most areas of the body to build the immune system.
The Oldest Living People in the World
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