We are designed to argue and fight – on purpose. Why? Many suggestions exist but it’s clear that dividing us holds us back and if there are indeed ‘custodians’ of humanity, shadow government people, or whoever, ‘they’ can certainly control us humans easier when we’re divided. But, let’s see what brings us together.

The things that bring us together are very limited. Sound and resonance united people like nothing else. This info will amaze you!

  • This video is mind changing. It includes how sound has the power to:
    travel faster than the speed of light
  • boil water
  • levitates things, seemingly negating gravity

*** Update *** The original video that was shown below has been removed. I don’t know why. The above is another video link that is similar in message. Let’s see how long it stays available.


Sound And Resonance Unites People

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