Here are the best sleep positions for different health issues.

Sleep on your back (preferred method; Tip: Place a small pillow beneath your legs, leaving them slightly bent)

  • It keeps your spine straight which is a key to many health issues
  • Better for smoother skin as sleeping on either side causes skin wrinkling and sagging body parts, especially for women
  • Promotes healthy organs because it gives them more room
  • However, sleeping on your back will tend to make you snore. If so, this means your breathing is being cut off and this is very unhealthy!

Sleep on your right side:

  • It’s easier on internal organs like the liver, lungs and stomach

Sleep on your left side (the second best option for your health):

  • To position your stomach better so that stomach acid in the throat is not a problem. This positions your wind pipe on the top side of your stomach and keeps your stomach acid from draining up your throat.
  • Your body will remove more toxins while you sleep as it facilitates lymphatic drainage. This is why it’s a good idea to take a 10 minute rest/nap right after a meal. Your system will process the food and nutrient transfer into the blood better.
  • Allows gravity to move the food waste from the small intestine into the large intestine
  • Easier on the heart to pump blood downhill. The biggest artery, the aorta, leaves the top of the heart arching to the left and down into the abdomen
  • Less heartburn

Do not sleep on your stomach or in the fetal position. These sleep positions are bad for just about everything you care about.

The bottom line is, the best sleep position is to sleep is on your back followed by your left side.


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Sleep Positions

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