This remarkable finding provides further understanding as to how we may prevent or slow down prostate cancer by reducing PSA levels.

A 2014 study published in Tumour Biology, revealed that a compound containing boron induced apoptosis, or cell death, in prostate cancer cells. They concluded that the boron could be an important agent for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Studies have shown that boron lowers PSA levels, which may help prevent or control the spread of prostate cancer, both within the prostate and metastasis into the bones. In addition, boron provides support for healthy bones and joints.

Apples are considered to be a good source of boron. To gain the minimum of 3mg of boron daily you would need to eat 2.4lb of apples. So, supplements are more practical.


Solid Proof – Boron lowers PSA – Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk

PSA and Boron

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