Prostate Treatments can be broken into two categories:

  • Standard care (aka “gold standard”)

  • Alternative Care (aka nutritional treatment) to Halt/Cure Cancer


Types of Treatment for Cancer NOT Ranked In Any Order:

1. Eat NO sugar, period. Eliminate nearly all carbohydrates. Certainly eat less than 40 grams of carbs per day, targeting 25 grams. 

If you do nothing else, this is a key step to follow, not just for your prostate but for all of you. Treat sugar like it’s a poison because it is to all cells in your body. Pick and choose among the rest below but do this one and the next one regardless!

2. Diet & Food As A Medicine & Nutritional Supplements Part of my decision is based on the facts that cancer cells thrive in low oxygen environment and they require glucose energy and that high doses of Vitamin D3 stop cancer growth. I have listed things below which I think might help and some of them need more study, some I believe in now. Each person must make their own decisions of course so I list them a source for the reader to do their own research. Happy trails . . . . Kg

Vitamin D – Proven to stop cancer growth and allow the body to get rid of the dead cells. Source: Robert Barefoot books which learned a lot from!

Ginger extract – 3½ ounces of whole ginger extract in their daily diet.

Quote Of Interest: “There are zillions of compounds and other complex derivatives in there, and we don’t know which ones are the good ones. Moreover, the compounds we are seeking to identify may be low in abundance, but they may be very important and cannot be disregarded.”   SOURCE: 

Grape seed extract (GSE) –  SOURCE:

Promising Nutritionals from a new company called Vasayo. The claim of much higher absorption of nutrients is the attraction – See my page

Paw Paw – Article:  


Graviola –

Curcumin – Blocks every stage of cancer development, from cell mutation, to tumor growth, to metastasis. It can also kill many different types of cancer cells by triggering apoptosis (programmed cell death) without affecting normal cells.

  1. Cancer can only process energy from glucose, not fat. Reference “when i had a pet scan and they said the glucose is what takes the radiation to the cancer”  SOURCE:  I have read this on other sites as well, stating that cancer cells can only process energy from carbs, i.e. that it cannot survive on fat. Kg
  2. Per the Mercola site, 4 Steps to take:
  1. Start by testing for what the body is deficient in with 62 blood panel test.
  2. Evaluate what the body is toxic with (Vit K-2 and Detoxigen (sp?).
  3. Find out what the body’s hormones are doing. Saliva panel test. Find out what the body is trying to get rid of.
  4. Emotional trama.
  1.  The most basic and fundamental cause of cancer is the lack of oxygen to the cells discovered by Otto Warburg (nobel prize winner) MD, Phd in the 1930s from Germany. Brian Peskin discovered how to get oxygen to the cells. My wife and I are doing fine now…It all has to do with essential fatty acids and oxygen transfer to the cells. Brian lectures to MDs all over the country…He is an Electrical Engineer from MIT…his web site is  SOURCE:  Quote from the Peskin video: “Cure is more Omega 6 & omega 3 is needed. The body needs 11 times more Parent Omega 6 than Parent Omega 3”


3. PBT (Proton Beam Therapy) – Shoots protons instead of photons as in IMRT. Releases energy at the specific target inside the prostate, not much enroute to or exiting the prostate. Nearly impossible to find unhappy patients.

4. Hyperthermia – Targeted heating of cancer cells that kills them but not healthy cells




5. BlueLaser™ Focal Laser Ablation – Target and destroy the patient’s prostate tumor while sparing the remaining healthy tissue. See


6.  3T Multi-Parametric MRI – BlueLaser  –  See


7. HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) 


8. Cryosurgery –  Freezing cells


9. Brachytherapy –

Injecting radioactive seeds using needles into the prostate, radiating them from within. Can migrate into your heart, lungs and even be transmitted to your partner.

10. IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy) –

Blasting the prostate with radiation from the outside. Note, it does put radiation into tissue on it’s way to the prostate and on the way out the other side of the body.

11. Hormone therapy –

Stops testosterone feeding prostate cancer. See
12. Radical Prostatectomy i.e. removal surgery 

– Removal of the prostate. Too risky that other things get damaged.


13. Lupron –

Chemical castration. Terrible side effects. Avoid, avoid, avoid!
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Methods To Halt/Cure Cancer:

Must see >

Complex program but basic program of “individualized” :

  • Diet – 10 basics diets (93 total) depending on each patient.
  • Supplementation (pancreatic enzymes for pancreatic cancer) – Supplements are supportive, main help from pancreatic enzymes.
  • Detoxification –

Beard in 1900’s

Kelly in 1960’s – He used coffee enemas to help the liver get rid of toxins, also liver flush, colon cleanses, bentonite entima


Prostate Treatments

3 thoughts on “Prostate Treatments

  • 2016/07/11 at 12:42 pm

    Lifestyle behavior can slow and perhaps stop cancer growth as this study showed:

    “Healthy lifestyle choices result in the blood of a prostate cancer patient gaining powers that impede tumor growth.

    This 2005 study was conducted by Dean Ornish, MD, and colleagues who speculated that the healthy lifestyles they advocated to reverse coronary artery disease might also help reverse prostate cancer.”

    MY THOUGHTS: The article goes on to say something I think encapsulates the whole medical debate of ‘traditional medicine’ vs. ‘alternative medicine’ by this statement: “This is the integrative nature of health versus disease.” In other words, changing your diet and lifestyle CAN and most likely WILL improve your health enough that you may just be able to stop any worsening of your health and maybe even reverse the downward trend in your health. It can’t be said enough that YOU are the best person to deal with your health followed by the assistance of your health care person as YOUR guide, rather than as your pilot. Make your healthcare professional your co-pilot and you’ll most likely arrive at your destination safely.



  • 2016/07/11 at 1:14 pm

    “Unlike more virulent cancers, there are a number of natural barriers that enable prostate tumors to be contained within the prostate gland. Some of these barriers include nutrients, hormones, drugs, and dietary factors that influence the ability of prostate cancer cells to survive and propagate.”

    The below sourced page later makes this statement (the numbers represent footnoted articles and studies that can be found on the ‘SOURCE’ site noted below):
    Cruciferous vegetables and/or extracts 16-21
    Fish oil 22-26
    Curcumin 27-32
    Boswellia 33-35
    Lycopene 6,36-42
    Green tea 43-47
    Lignans (from flax or Norway spruce) 48-50
    Boron 51-53
    Lutein 6,54,55
    Gamma tocopherol 56-58
    Zeaxanthin 6,42,54,55
    Vitamin D 59-65


  • 2017/12/20 at 8:05 pm

    Hi Charlie,

    I started this post as a “Reply” on to your question about what I’d suggest for anyone wanting to deal with cancer. My answer grew and grew and so I’ve decided to post it below so I can edit it and also so I don’t blast out a long reply that many people may not be interested in reading.


    I can’t tell you just one thing to do to cure cancer, it’s a complex solution. I know that it does not include the “standard of care” suggested by traditional medicine. There are many steps involved but to pick two important ones to share with any loved one or, in your case, patient:

    1. I’d suggest a ketogenic diet i.e. NO sugar – not one grain, ever again – and that means very limited carbohydrates.

    2. I’d suggest them to slow down, take their time and do not rush into any treatment. Typically their doctor wants to setup something right away. There is no reason to hurry, in fact every reason not to hurry. You don’t get cancer overnight and you certainly can spend a week or more bringing yourself up to speed of their options.

    I’ve spent some time listing them for myself at posts on this blog which I own as I’m dealing with cancer myself. The pages were written by me, for me, i.e. not to be given out. I’m using my blog pages as places to keep notes on my 22 months of research to date. If you’re really searching for answers, I think I’ve gathered enough info here to spark your interest and get you jump started. If you are like most docs, you’re mind is set and your eyes roll at any action off the main path. If you’ll bring an open mind to the topic, you will discover many better options than any offered by standard of care.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on them, and I’m speaking from a serious point of life or death matter, not just an item of curiosity.

    Have you heard of Dr. Thomas Seyfried? Many places will come up with a search of him. Here he is as interviewed by Dr. David Perlmutter, MD:

    How Chris Wark beat cancer:

    How a ketogenic diet kills cancer cells:

    … another site on the ketogenic diet:

    There are many other clinics with similar success stories, e.g. the CHIPSA Hospital has been successfully treating cancer patients, many who were told they would soon die for over 20 years:

    Charlie, the list of cures and successful treatment options goes on and on.

    Twenty two months ago I started out on the traditional path and I was given one option, i.e. set an appointment with an oncologist who had one option, i.e. surgery. There a literally hundreds of methods for dealing with cancer yet I was only told of one option.

    That’s pitiful but when you couple it with their dismissive attitude to any alternative methods, it’s eye-opening! I guess I’ve become one of those ‘radicals’ on the health issue, but I think it’s criminal how the traditional docs have their heads buried in the sand. I don’t blame them entirely. I lay first blame on the drug companies. They have their money so far up the FDA’s colon that the entire medical community is run by them via government controls of medical school curriculum, media collusion, and on and on. Basically just follow the money and there is ton of it at risk.

    Case in point, here’s today’s news:

    “Why the FDA Is About to Crack Down on Homeopathic Drugs” at

    Who gave the FDA the right to say what I can eat or not? When the US Army came knocking on my front door, I went out the back door into the USAF. I served my country because I was a proud American. I didn’t expect that I’d ever seen many of the things that are going on today and this is just one example of how we’re no longer a free citizenry.

    If I told you back at Holston High School that the gov’t would one day tell you what you could and could not put in your body, would you have believed that could happen? I couldn’t have. But now they want to tell you and me what food or drink we can put in our body.

    I didn’t serve so that the government could prohibit me from eating or drinking any food or liquids. That’s where we’re headed if the FDA and the AMA have their way. I think there’s a ground swell of people who are becoming very much aware of the charade of our current health industry and I welcome it. I just hope it’s not too late because a lot of people are asleep.

    I’m curious where you are on the medical part that I started with. Are you a blind Kool-Aide drinker or do you see alternative options?

    Kurt Gross


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