When it comes to nutrition, nothing says it better than the famous quote “We are what we eat”.

Much of our soil and thus our food is minerally deficient or minerally depleted.  So even trying to “eat right” can leave us short on the nutrition that we desire.

Two products of note I’ve found. This one is a high quality, low cost ($5/mo) multivitamin worth checking out:

Healthy plants grown in organic USA soil by a leader in the nutritional supplement field for only $0.18/day for Natural Daily Multivitamins

Note, it’s a company with two reputations: one is a good one and another one is, well, let’s say there are detractors. The point I want to make here is that I can give you access to this amazing online shopping experience with all of the pros – high quality with very low pricing – and none of the cons, i.e.  you will not be sold to or put on the spot to buy, etc.

As is often the case, the really innovative and effective products come from non-traditional companies. The maker of this Daily Vitamin is a company that has affiliates who can be motivated based on their desire to make money. And there’s nothing wrong with getting paid for being an affiliate, but if you’re a customer who only wants the facts and the product, you don’t want the sales pitch.

To get the pros without the cons on your own without anyone bending your ear, register for free by selecting “Become a Customer”

I am available if you ask. I’m a conduit to the product without the sales pitch because I tell, not sell.  Contact me if you have questions or need help. Or you can call the Customer Service folks at 1-800-253-6500. If they ask who sent you, give them our IBO # 909916 so they can service you properly.

Here’s the product and some info as of Apr 2016.

Only $0.18 per Day For Natural Daily Multivitamins
Nutrilite Daily Multivitamins

Order a 6 month supply of high quality multi-vitamins for less than $6/month.


Another product to educate yourself about is Vitamin B-17 aka Apricot Seeds. Years ago I heard about a young man who claimed to beat cancer with apricot seeds. Chris’s story is of more interest now that I’m of the prime age for prostate issues. Here’s a banner that links to his site:

If you have any experience – not opinions, Lord knows there are enough of them floating around – please leave your comments below in the “Reply” box.

Education about nutrition is key to beginning the process of giving our bodies the proper nutrition of vitamins and minerals it needs to keep itself healthy. Drug companies have an incentive to create profit and this incentivizes them to steer you away from natural methods to help your body heal itself.

Eat poorly and you shorten your life. Eat well and you can extend your life and greatly increase your quality of life. This is good news because we do have choices that don’t limit us to just drugs!

Kurt Gross

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