I teach people how to build an extra income. I’ve done this for 23 years. I’ve learned how to avoid the false offers.

Here’s my challenge to you: Are you ready to create some extra income with a real opportunity with products that work?

There is no cost to register so you can go ‘inside’ to peek around and test it out. Don’t miss this chance for two reasons: the products work and the income opportunity is the best I’ve seen in 22 years of examining them. Once you’re poked around and met some of the team, you’ll see the overwhelming proof that the income opportunity and the products are the real deal! This program fixes all the ‘gotchas’ I’ve seen in other plans. If you’ve been burned in the past, I think that once you are inside, you’ll see what I mean.

Unless you are just too burned out to take another chance to make a change in your life, don’t miss this!

Why Is This Different?

I believe the main reason I’ve been successful is because I tell the truth.  In my opinion based on 22 years in the networking industry with proven success, this program eliminates the typical pitfalls found in programs that are designed to hide the ‘gotchas’ until you’re deep into the program and are ‘stuck’ with them. The people who play that game hope to entice you in with sweet sounding promises and hope you’ll stick around once you discover the hidden requirements once you’re making a bit of money. That’s not how I want to be treated and I sure don’t want to ‘trick’ you into that situation either!

I do NOT play the game of networking and online marketing the way to so-called “gurus” say to do it. I discuss the good and the bad, the ups and downs and that builds trust with those who partner with us.

If you’re looking for a team of people who are honest, who will help you and are not after your money, consider reaching out to me. I don’t chase people. I’ve learned that those who reach out to us can be helped. Those who need to be told how they’ll be rich by next Tuesday will need to go somewhere else to hear those lies.

I searched for years for the right opportunity! I examined numerous companies to be on the inside to get to the truth. I found lots of products that were overpriced & put into a money game for network marketers. I wasn’t interested in that because I know as a business 95% of those people will never make more than they spend.
Why? Because the products don’t give any real results that people can see or feel.

Not everyone is cut out to own their own business but everyone is a potential customer! Customers demand results or they will not continue to purchase a product.

In February 2017 I found a sleeper, it’s not an MLM but more of an affiliate program for customers that wanted good products. Now they have opened up their program to attract network marketers and it’s going crazy! Yes, even network marketers need real results from products to keep taking them.

NutriSail has something for customers and business owners with the best pay plan in the industry along with products with real results! This is why my business grows everyday and why this in my retirement home!

To discuss this and anything else you want to, contact me, Kurt Gross via text at 865 466 9207 or email at kurtray at gmail

Happy trails . . .  Kurt

Get more information at www.KurtRay.com and Sign up FREE at my NutriSail site

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Toxic? See my NutriSail site. You can get one just like it at no cost to register so go inside and check it out for yourself. Contact me with any questions and for links to more info and live conference calls that our team holds several times per week. Get all your questions answered and learn how to make money first, before you spend any!

Get more information at www.KurtRay.com and Sign up FREE at my NutriSail site

Kurt Gross Call/text 865  466 9207

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