There are many ideas and opinions about how to improve one’s health. I’ve studied personal health since 1972 and here’s my number one health tip:

Stop eating excess calories every other day 

A good guide would be to try to eat less of the calories that your body needs every other day. On the alternate, “off days”, use common sense and the freedom to indulge in a treat or reward. The restriction of using a specific number of calories on the self-restrictive days will give you a black and white, hard line to stay below. And every other day of your life, you’ll have a ‘free’ day to look forward to.

The restrictive diet day will help your body reset itself. This will help train your body and set a reasonable metabolism by translating your actions into a number, that is, less than 500 calories per meal and whatever daily total your body needs for your height and weight.

What’s the logic here? Excessive caloric consumption is a driving factor that effects your body’s health and your longevity. Caloric restriction has been shown to augment your immune system and I believe it will improve your longevity. The base line needs to be figured using your ideal body weight as the place to live out the remaining years of your life.

I believe that if everyone were to do this, we would virtually eliminate diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, most cancer and many other health problems in our lives.

Yes, there are many other things that a person can learn about and practice to help their own health and longevity but reducing one’s caloric intake to what their body needs rather than what our habits dictate would be a positive place from which to make other personal improvements from.

One other “tip” that I’ve implemented that I think is a close second to the above restriction is to limit the times in which you eat and don’t eat. For me, I’ve set the time of noon to 8pm as when I eat and I do not eat during the other 16 hours. Intermittent fasting has been shown to be a huge benefit to help the body cleanse itself and for me, it works well because it’s restriction I can work with. Many times I’ve had a lofty idea that sounded good but that I found hard to actually do. The limiting of intake quantity every other day and the 16 hour per day fasting are very doable, short term goals that have great, long term positive results.

Happy trails. . . .


Number One Health Tip

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