Summary: Pancreatic enzymes are the single best way to treat cancer.

Different people need different types of food.

Detox is needed to help the body eliminate dead cancer cells and he uses coffee enemas to do that. Perhaps he uses Kopi luvvak coffee but I’ve only heard that, not verified it.

Summary of treatment: Metabolic typing, use of pancreatic enzymes, and detoxification via procedures like the coffee enema. 90 different diets—ranging from vegetarian to high-animal fat—are prescribed according to a patient’s constitution and physiological imbalances.

Note: There are stories that Dr. Gonzalez was murdered. Who knows if it’s true. The official story is that “Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a prominent alternative cancer doctor, died last night of an apparent heart attack at his home in New York City. Jul 24, 2015”

Nicholas Gonzalez Pancreatic Enzymes And Cancer

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