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March 3, 2016  I had my first doctor appointment (I’m 67) and blood work reported a high PSA reading of 33.89 (Normal = 0.0 to 4.5) Talk about getting my attention!

I immediately did what I’ve known but put off for years, i.e. I cut out ALL sugar and I have reduced my carb intake to as low a level as possible and I have completely eliminated processed foods from my diet. That means no sugar, sweets, bread, pasta, chips. I will have an occasional low-carb beer such as Michelob Ultra (2 grams of carbs). My daily carb level is around 30 with 50 grams max.

Two things I did immediately. First, I decided to stop all sugar intake and reduce carb consumption to every rascal carb I could identify. The reason for this is because I knew that cancer must have glucose and I wanted to starve out the little critters if they are even there. High PSA doesn’t mean I have cancer but with a PSA of 33.89, the odds aren’t favorable! Second, I started a crash course of furthering my already life long self-taught nutritional education with a new major in the area of study of the prostate.

March 23, 2016  I have lost 12 lbs and my PSA results dropped to 32.29. Still high, but progress. (I’d lost 8 lbs)

April 14, 2016 – Urologist appointment. I learned 3 new things.

DRE (digital rectal exam) – My urologist reported it had a normal feel, no bumps or ridges.

My bladder empties all but 2 ozs which is good.

My PSA was at 28.45 which is down 3.84 from the 32.29 on 3/23/2016)

Despite the progress, PSA at 28.25 is still high even though there had been a positive trend in the drop of 5.64 in just 6 weeks. I attribute the drop to sugarless diet and losing 13 lbs. It was no surpride to me that my urologist recommended a biopsy. By this time in my research, I had decided to favor an alternative treatment plan using nutritional supplementation.

Below are the results of my findings and I will be adding to this daily as I have done since March 3, 2016 in my quest to answer the question does high PSA mean cancer.  If you have any comments or contributions, please enter them in the “Reply” section at the bottom or write me privately at my gmail address: kurtray …. Kurt

After all the info below, my current thinking of best advice to date:

  • No sugar – Eliminate all simple carbs.
  • Targeted supplements – Vitamin D, raw veggies, low heat cooking.
  • Intermittent fasting – Eat only between noon and 8pm each day.
  • Seek detection method other than biopsy.

January 2017 – PSA reading 35.81 (Proton Therapy) I have lost 41 lbs since Mar 2016.

2017-02-15 I started taking 50 mg/daily of CBD oil

2017-03-06  I have lost 43 lbs since 2016-03-02. I have an appointment scheduled with Dr. Busch for my second 3T mpMRI.

2017-05-03  Per the VA, my latest PSA is 30.0 which is still high, but at least it’s dropping again.

My Prostate Health

2 thoughts on “My Prostate Health

  • 2017/03/03 at 6:17 am

    Dear Kurt,
    received your message and can send you my presentation by coming Monday.
    When my PSA was 339 in February 2015 I knew to have prostate cancer. To the surprise of my urologist in Bangkok I strictly rejected chemo and radiation. Having read about many alternative cancer therapies I chose the Budwig Diet plus a rather vegetarian food, no sugar and some supplements..
    My last check ups:
    December 2016 -PSA 0.94
    January 2017 – sonography prostate tumor completely eradicated.
    Details you will find in my presentation.
    With kind regards,

  • 2017/05/15 at 11:47 am

    Hello Wolff,

    Thanks for the info, very interesting. I’d love to see your protocol. Please let know what you have learned from your experience. It’s a struggle navigating through all of the information to know what applies to your situation.



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