My healthy diet needs a balance of protein, fat and carbs.

About 10% of my diet needs to be protein and an excellent source is from Whey with the following features:

  • The whey comes from organically-raised, grass-fed raw cows’ milk. This way, the whey is free of GMOs, pesticides and hormones.
  • It’s cold processed whey because heat destroys whey’s fragile molecular structure
  • You want whey protein concentrate, not protein isolates
  • Sweetened naturally, not artificially, and low in carbohydrates
  • Highly digestible — look for medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs), not long-chain fatty acids

High-quality whey protein is an excellent source of protein, leucine, CLA and glutathione — all of which can help boost muscle growth, body repair and weight loss, and much more.

Source and more details about whey protein I use in my healthy diet

About 10% of my diet needs to be carbs but only complex carbs. NO sugar, period!

Organic, raw fruits and vegetables are best.

The rest of my healthy diet is from healthy fat.

The fat menu includes coconut oil (cold-pressed, organic), olive oil (not for cooking though), butter (grass fed cows only), raw nuts.


My Healthy Diet

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