mpMRI Facts and figures:
• 64% of men with an increased PSA do
not have prostate cancer. MRI provides
immediate clarity.
• In 90% of cases, MRI detects the
tumour at exactly the right location.
• In men who have already undergone a
negative ultrasound-guided biopsy
twice, cancer was subsequently
diagnosed in one go with MRI in 59%
of cases.
• 50% of the tumours that are found
with a biopsy are non-aggressive and
do not need treatment. However, in
these cases unnecessary operations
are often performed.
• Ultrasound biopsies underestimate the
true nature of aggressive prostate
cancers in 46% of cases; MRI is 95%
• CBO guideline states that
modern MRI is the best option in the
case of an increased PSA and a previ-
ous negative TRUS biopsy. Many
medical professionals are not yet
aware of this and therefore rely on the
known – conventional – detection
• Point of the CBO guideline
states that an MRI must be made prior
to treatment for prostate cancer.
• Point 1.3.2 states that the CT scan is
not recommended for the diagnostics
and local tumour and lymph node
staging of the prostate carcinoma.
• MRI reduces the number of biopsi

SOURCE: Dr. Jurgen Futterer of Radboud University

mpMRI Facts

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