Today there is great news for those considering dental implants. There are now lower cost for dental implants with a new process called ‘All On Four’ for dental implants which lowers the cost to $9,800 for full upper or lower teeth.

Dental implants are expensive – in the states. But in Costa Rica, they are much less and my experience was a better visit than I’d been getting here in the good ole USA for 40 years. Plus, I saved $8,100 myself and we had what I call a ‘free vacation’.

My story and how to lower cost for dental implants is known by friends but today, there is more good news because the cost just got better. Now, there is a new option for All-on-4® procedure for patients. This procedure is performed completely in one week, which means only one visit to Costa Rica, and for only $9,800 per upper or lower arcade. This includes extractions, 4 implants, 4 abutments, IV Conscious Sedation , medications and Cast Metal Reinforced Hybrid Bridge with high Implant Acrylic teeth.

Lower Cost For Dental Implants

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