Life here on earth is good, and it’s especially good when you have figured out how to live a job free life rather than hiring yourself out to the highest bidder as an employee. But, before I could start figuring out HOW to live a job free life, I first had to unlearn that the path to success was what I was taught, i.e. to get a “good job”.

It took me five years out of college as an accountant and auditor to figure out that I was on the wrong side of the counter. I saw my boss coming in to work before I did, leaving work after I did and one day while watching him with his nose to the grind stone it dawned on me that I was headed down the same road as he was and that I didn’t want to be there.

His car was a bit nicer and his house a bit larger but I realized it wasn’t worth it. I needed to be on the other side of the counter, i.e. I needed to own the business, not work for it!

Later in life, an analogy occurred to me, or maybe I heard it somewhere, but it went like this: Most people understand that it’s better to own their home rather than rent it. But for some reason, they don’t apply that same logic to something more valuable than their home – themselves.

To own yourself you have to own your economic house. The path to success is a direct result of the way we think. The first time most people hear that it makes little sense.

In America, where opportunity is abundant, we are in life financially exactly where we chose to be. Our actions have results and we must learn how to change our circumstances by changing how we think about them.

In looking back, as an employee I was renting myself out to someone else. I was trading hours for dollars. I had little say so over my time, little control of the ebb and flow of my life and little to say about anything about how my time was spent or what I was paid.

Business owners own assets which they use to leverage their time and money to create more time and money for themselves. One of those assets is the employee and I didn’t want to be controlled. As a business owner, I pay employees to do things for less money than I can hire them out for. Employees are an asset to the business owner.

My definition of an employee is someone who makes other people rich.

I’m sure that would have sounded offensive and brash when I had the ‘get-a-good-job’ focus, but now that I know better, it’s just one of those hard nosed facts about life. By taking a job, as an employee, I was renting myself out. I asked myself, wouldn’t I be better off owning myself instead? When I put that question to myself, the answer was an obvious ‘Yes!”.

This whole concept either makes sense to folks or it touches on some sacred ground. To the latter group, it’s offensive. To those who understand it, they see that success is about tearing down the myths and lies that they have come to believe.

It’s because of what I call the BIG lie where we’re told that “The best way to succeed is to go to school, get a job and save money”.

My Mom was an immigrant and she used to tell me that I live in the greatest country in the world. She saw war as a soldier and as a prisoner of war as well as a civilian. She lived under a dictatorship and understood what it’s like to not have food, or even the right to grown it for yourself.

Growing up, I was too young to understand and appreciate all this, and even today I realize that I don’t completely grasp it all because I’ve always lived in the greatest country of all, the only one that publicly and officially claims God as the Almighty – America – the land of the free and the home of the brave.

One of the greatest things about America is our freedom. But what good is it if we don’t use it? Too many people have died defending it for us to squander our lives away at a job just getting by.

We were meant to create and thrive, not follow along and simply survive. The pilgrims didn’t come to this country looking for a job. They came to live free from the tyranny of someone else.

Well, we’re rapidly becoming the land of the employed and enslaved rather than the home of the free! Too many people not only have lost their dream, but because of the way they were raised, they never had it.

Immigrants to America are 14 times more likely to become wealthy than are Americans raised here. The reason is because all their lives they’ve been told that America is the land of opportunity, the land of “milk and honey!” Americans are taught to get a job.

The goal should be to have money working for you, not you working for money.

I am not trying to break down any system or convert people to some new ideology. I simply want to raise a banner for those whose song is being sung here.

Leaving a job and starting a business is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Starting a business is simple and easy – anyone can do it. Building a successful business is another matter and it is not easy.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years.

Most people looking to earn some extra income are looking for a miracle, something that’s “no money down” – easy to do – and only requires that they “Sign Up”!

I am not about that. You must work. You will not get a free ride and if that’s what you’re looking for, then you had better be extra nice to your boss because you’re going to be there until you learn that lesson.

As long as you believe in the Easter bunny, you’ll not find your golden egg or pot at the end of the rainbow. It doesn’t exist. There is no opportunity out there that’s going to satisfy you if you’re looking for the easy way.

Yes, there are lots of people promising get rich easy, but they know the truth and they’re only telling you what you want to hear so they can get your money. Go there if you must, but when you’ve had enough of their broken promises, remember who told you the truth.

The key is not piling money or gold to the ceiling. Wealth is first created in our mind and only THEN does the financial success start. To get there, it means changing our thought process, and for most people, that’s just not going to happen. It will only work for people who are willing to change, and to do that, we must be teachable. And we must be willing to invest both time and money. Time to learn and money as a seed that will grow if nurtured correctly.

Success requires action and a positive attitude.

Here are three qualities which are required:
– Ambition,
– Accountability, and
– Teachability.

The road to success is not well paved.

The freedom to live a job free life is obtainable yet so many can’t seem to figure out how to do it. Equally amazing is the fact that most people can’t believe they can either.

Somewhere between the job, the debt, the family and the everyday chores like the laundry, many folks are busy – too busy to consider taking on anything so silly sounding as some ‘deal’ to make extra money, right?

I guess the truth gets buried in all the garbage.

We could all use more than 24 hours in our day couldn’t we? We each have the same 24 hours, yet some achieve wealth and some don’t. How can this be? What’s the difference?

I’ve realized it’s the little choices that we make throughout our day that adds up to become our life. I remember when I first heard that it hit me like a ton of bricks. Prior to that, I would have told you that it was the BIG decisions that made the difference, but it’s not.

It’s the little choices that we’ve made all along the way that have put us in life where we are today.

I remember seriously asking myself, if we all have the same opportunities, why don’t we all get to do what we want to in life? I was on that tread wheel going 150 MPH once and getting nowhere and I wanted to change but I didn’t know how.

I came to the conclusion that the best way for me to get out of there and to where I wanted to be was to start duplicating people who had what I wanted. In other words, I started doing what successful people do rather than what I was doing, which was chasing my tail just trying to deal with life everyday.

I’ll spare you the long journey, but what I found was I chose to spend a few minutes here and a few hours there and even a day or two here and there to build my business. I’d tried many businesses, some went well, others served only as lessons of what not to do. But I paid my dues and as a result, I now have a job free life.

Today, I choose when I want to work and when I want to play because I don’t have to work unless I want to. Trust me, life’s much better that way. I think we were meant to live free that way rather than being told what to do and when to do it and how to do it, etc.

I remember once hearing someone say that,

“Paying the price of life is not an option – everyone must pay the price. The difference is, what price do you want to pay and for how long will you pay it?”

That was a “Wow” moment for me because somewhere along the way I’d picked up the stupid idea that I had the option of whether I wanted to pay the price to have what I wanted in life. To learn I was going to pay the price anyway was a revelation.

I started thinking more about what price and what reward I wanted rather than how to just get by.

It hit me – with the “Job” system, I was going to pay the price in small bite size effort throughout my entire life. I’d rather pay it all up front and enjoy financial and personal freedom from then on!

When you own yourself, i.e. when you own your own business, you decide when to work it, so it’s never “taking” your time – you’re giving it and you decide to give it when you’re ready because you’re working toward gaining more time and more money. It’s liberating to be working when you want to instead of when you have to!

When problems and nuances popup, your mind might start telling you that you don’t want to do them. That’s when the rubber meets the road. You must look at the other side of the coin and realize, it’s these simple nuances that must be paid to gain your financial and personal freedom. I almost didn’t continue in this business because of a few little issues like these myself.

Friends can be one of your biggest obstacles. I had friends who told me it wouldn’t work. Now, I don’t have a job, because I don’t need one, not because I can’t find one and need one. Lots of my friends still depend on a job and they’re concerned about losing their job. Thank God I didn’t listen to them when I was first looking a business of my own!

In the analysis stage I even told myself I wasn’t sure if it would work, or if it would work for me, but I did two simple things – I got started and I didn’t quit. It’s really that simple, and yet it was tough, mentally, to overcome my employee and consumer mentality.

Without you being willing to overcome the little mental obstacles that will occur, you won’t make it – NO ONE CAN!

It doesn’t matter how much you WANT things to change in your life if you’re not willing to change – NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

Third, you’ll have to learn how to “tell” yourself that it will work. You do this despite how things might look at that moment. You are on a path TO success. Just because you’re not there yet, even if you can’t even see far enough down that path to see success, you must tell yourself that you are ON that path and you know where it’s headed, to your success. This one is both the easiest part and it’s also the hardest part.

I’ll give you a tip up front – if you had to do this part on your own, you’d probably not make it. You need a mentor, not someone who SOUNDS good. You need someone who has actually done what it is you’re wanting to do. This is one of those big secrets. Find yourself a mentor. Take them to lunch, on your dime, and pick their brain. Ask for their guidance and then follow it! How hard is that?

What makes this third part so hard while being so simple is the way we’re all raised to believe the BIG lie.

Throughout all my years in school and at work, no one ever taught me that owning a business was the way to go. I figured that out on my own at about age 31, but then I didn’t know how to go about it.

It was easy enough to start a business because America is the land of entrepreneurs and opportunity, but I didn’t have a mentor to follow and I sure couldn’t afford a franchise system to guide me.

When I met my mentors, I started learning how they succeeded. They had time and money and that’s what I’d been after my whole life. This can happen for you too and one day maybe you’ll do what I’m doing, i.e. trying to summarize what I call ‘wealth mentality’ into a message.

When I think about that to this day, I stop in amazement because I know how difficult it can be to find a good mentor but it is possible if you look long enough.

Thinking back, the “JOB” system didn’t reward my boss to help me! The traditional business system didn’t reward my competitors to help me! I needed someone who either cared for me enough to help which usually is a parent or loved one but my peers and family hadn’t achieved what I wanted so I had to search and learn, and try, fall down and get back up until I found my way.

You need a coach, a mentor, someone who’s been successfully through the mine field of life, someone who can help you help yourself. Quit trying to decide whether to “do it” and just decide to get serious about starting. It will come if you want it.

Sadly, in a blog like this, no one can tell you how to succeed any more than eating at several restaurants can tell you how to run one successfully.

You need to talk to someone who’s already successful running a businesses.

The ball’s in your court. You must prove yourself to yourself that you can start right here by taking action today.

You choose your life by choosing your thoughts. Your thoughts determine your actions. Your actions create your habits. Your habits develop your character. Your character determines how you think which completes the cycle in choosing how your life will be lived.

If you’re looking for a good book to read, start with Napolean Hill’s Think And Grow Rich. The author’s story is amazing and it’s chock full of nuggets.

All the best,

Kurt Gross

Life Here On Earth Is Good

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