Wow! Harding College made this video titled Make Mine Freedom in 1948. While it’s about the Land Of The Free, we seem to have lost some of that freedom! Is it too late to regain those freedoms we once had? This video may just shock you when you see how much freedom we have lost since 1948.

If you’re inspired to do so, please leave your thoughts below. Hopefully you’ll inspire others to exercise their ‘freedom muscle’ too and hopefully keep the land of the free strong and keep spreading freedom around the world. Of course, we have to keep the ‘freedom muscle’ exercised or we will lose it.

Enjoy the right to debate and learn. It’s a right that has seldom existed in world history. Exercising your right to express yourself will help keep it available to everyone.

There are two parts to that right. The first one is easy. Expressing what YOU think and believe is the easy part. The second part is more difficult. It involves listening (as opposed to hearing) what OTHERS think.

In today’s world, the “land of the free” can mean not just America where the phrase is usually attributed to, but to every where there are people yearning to be free.

Oddly, in today’s culture, it seems like there is a lot of spouting off and less listening. I think this is why so many people get ugly, hateful and sometime violent just because someone doesn’t agree with them. This overlooks the beautiful right that people in the land of the free have, i.e. the right to express themselves.

America, land of the free, right? I hope this will awaken us to the fact that we all win when we are united and we all lose when we are divided.

As the saying goes, “united we stand, divided we fall”. Are you a winner or a loser?


Land Of The Free

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