When you learn enough about life and your health, it becomes an ‘Ah ha’ moment when it dawns on you that what you eat greatly determines what your health status is.

For me, a speech by Dr. Wallach titled “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” was a huge threshold that I crossed toward reaching that point in my understanding of health and nutrition.

Human doctors treat you after you have a health issue. Animal doctors treat an animal’s health using preventive methods.  When I heard that espoused by Dr. Wallach it hit home with my common sense meter!

Today I use a lot of his products that are marketed by members in the company he started.  If you’d like to see what I’m talking about, here’s my membership link where you can learn about the products, shop for them and become a member for only $10 per year which will enable you to shop at 30% member prices.

Kurt Gross

Here’s a rapid paced summary of some of his claims which he can prove as they are backed by science!


Knowledge is the Secret Ingredient to Health & Financial Success

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