Per Dr. Mercola’s site, your gut microbiome has 100 times as many genes as your body’s genome. Your gut microbiome involves necessary chemical reactions that your gut enzymes can’t perform, including fermentation and sulfate reduction.  Last week I learned of a company called NutriSail who has a probiotic product that has been getting great reviews and they have a weight loss product that people are raving about.

Nutrisail is a referral marketing company and this clouds the issue of the raves coming about their products. Those who tend to like this type of marketing model will be excited about this. Those wo tend to shy away from the referral marketing plan will feel that the reviews are skewed.

One thing that cuts through all this is the large numbers of people actually losing weight and feeling more energy and attributing it to the Nutrisail products.

You can learn more at this Nutrisail site and decide what you think about the results of the gut microbiome.

Kurt Gross

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Toxic? See NutriSail
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