Foods I consume because I believe they help my body rid itself of misformed cells:

  • Colloidal silver (ionic only) –
  • Oxygen directly into your bloodstream –
  • Carrot juice – high in Vitamin A and much more
  • CBD oil –
  • Colostrum –
  • Apricot seeds – . . . [my affiliate link]
  • Pomegranate – Note: high in carbs, so it’s a trade off.

There are more “cures” in God’s variety of foods on this planet than pharmaceutical companies will ever have. There are far less side effects from food, if any and the cost is much less.

Yet the medical professional community tells me that food doesn’t matter. Wow, talk about ignorance! It’s a lack of knowledge and it’s caused more people to die prematurely than any other killer ever.

If I can deliver but one message to anyone it’s that food is our best medicine so start there and then, maybe you add a man-made drug, but only as a last resort.

Kurt Gross

Food As Medicine

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