Here is a great article about how to deal with cancer at the cellular level. A thought provoking protocol that anyone dealing with cancer must consider.  Below is a partial quote and the source of the entire article.  Kurt

“The Budwig Diet, meaning the Budwig Protocol (it is actually not a “diet,” but rather a specific mixture) is necessary for many alternative treatments; from type 2 diabetes to cancer to heart disease to auto-immune diseases, etc.

Its purpose is to energize the cells by restoring the natural electrical balance in the cell. Many human diseases are caused by “sick cells” which have lost their normal electrical balance; generally via a lower ATP energy in the cell’s mitochondria.

One thing to understand, and this is critical, is that the WHOLE purpose of the Budwig Diet is to convert oil-soluble omega-3 fatty acids into water-soluble omega-3 fatty acids. “

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Dr. Johanna Budwig

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