Below is my personal list of cancer cures, i.e. potential and unproven. Do your own research too! Kurt Gross

Overview statement that cannot be over-emphasized: “A strong will must be present in a person to ignore the exhortations of oncologists and worried loved ones, and to pursue treatment by a naturopathic physician.” To this statement, I say a loud ‘Amen!’ Kurt

My Personal Treatments & Actions Since Diagnosis of High PSA Level in my Blood Test


2017-07-04 Modified citrus pectin – MCP is anti-adhesive, apoptosis-promoting, and apoptosis-inducing properties in dealing with metastasis of cancer cells.

2017-05-27  One avenue to reduce the growth of cancer cells is simply to starve their food sources such as glucose and glutamine-rich foods, and then increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, which they hate. SOURCE:

RELATED STORY:  … lymph gland cancer cells called B cells can use glutamine in the absence of glucose for cell replication and survival, particularly under low-oxygen conditions, which are common in tumors.

Writing in the Jan. 4, 2012, edition of Cell Metabolism, Anne Le, M.D., and a team of investigators collaborating with the Johns Hopkins Brain Science Institute, say the finding is critical for developing innovative cancer therapies because it offers “proof of concept” evidence that curbing the growth of B cell cancers can be accomplished by inhibiting a glutamine enzyme called glutaminase.  SOURCE:

2017-05-15  After 14 months of intense study not to mention years of moderate study, I would suggest these two videos as being at the top of the heap when it comes to learning how to understand what drives our health:


  • In the mid-1990s, an Israeli researcher discovered a subtle system within the body that seemed to have a balancing effect on every other system. He called it the Endocannabinoid (EC) System.
  • The EC system consists of a series of molecular receptors that are designed to receive cannabinoids. Our bodies produce some cannabinoids. Others come directly from the cannabis plant.
  • Spanish microbiologist Dr. Christine Sanchez was the first to discover the antitumor effects of cannabinoids. Cannabidiol, or CBD, which does not have a psychoactive effect, has long been known as a potent anti-cancer agent because of its ability to interfere with cellular communication in tumors as well as in its ability to instigate apoptosis (programmed cancer cell death).
  • THC (the psychoactive counterpart to CBD) has been shown to reduce tumor growth as well. Studies have been conducted on the combined effect of CBD and THC on a number of types of cancer. These studies are showing evidence of cannabinoids being powerful “herbal chemo” agents.
  • If you have cancer and are considering using cannabinoids, here are some general guidelines that experts agree are worth considering:
    1. Do your own research
    2. Know your source
    3. Stick with natural cannabinoid products over synthetic
    4. Work with a professional healthcare provider trained in cannabinoid therapy


2017-03-24 Cesium Chloride kills cancer! Here’s an excerpt that I like: “Generally, the Cesium Chloride protocol includes large doses of Vitamin C and other nutrients that protect the heart. Two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling spent much of his professional career proving that heart disease was caused largely by a lack of Vitamin C. Actually, heart disease is a type of scurvy and has nothing to do with what the drug companies claim to cause some types of heart problems: high cholesterol.

In fact, cholesterol is critical to brain function and many experts, including Dr. Joesph Mercola, say to take two eggs a day precisely for that reason.

Fact No. 1: Statin drugs (which lower cholesterol) are highly profitable to pharmaceutical companies.

Fact No. 2: Vitamin C is not profitable at all to the drug companies because it cannot be patented. So which do you think they push for heart disease – statin drugs or Vitamin C? Do you see a pattern? Orthodox medicine is all about selling highly profitable drugs, not helping patients with cancer or heart disease.

Also, Cesium Chloride molecules, especially when mixed with DMSO, target cancer cells. Thus, normal cells such as heart muscles, etc, do not ingest Cesium Chloride. But they will ingest the Vitamin C. Actually, a high-quality liquid ionic Cesium Chloride will target cancer cells without DMSO. So for a cancer patient, it is even less likely they will have heart problems than a person who does not have cancer.

The fact of the matter is that almost all cancer patients who take Cesium Chloride have already had massive amounts of orthodox treatments. I only endorse Cesium Chloride for advanced cancer patients, almost all of whom have had extensive orthodox treatments. Orthodox treatments are well known to cause heart attacks and other heart problems. Heart attacks are a common side effect of chemotherapy.”

2017-03-10 Coley’s Toxins returning to forefront of immunotherapy. In 1891, Coley injected streptococcal organisms into a patient with inoperable cancer. Coley, a bone sarcoma surgeon, thought that the infection he produced would have the side effect of shrinking the malignant tumor. He was successful — and this was one of the first examples of immunotherapy.

To Read More:

2017-03-06 The latest 3T mpMRI shows no growth of any tissue, so “stable” is the diagnosis. I’ve recently added colostrum and CBD oil to my menu so we’ll see how that works out. I’m determined to corral and shrink the rascal tumor.

2017-02-18 I started CBG oil, 50mcg/day
Areas of Study That I’ve Listed Below for me to Review as Needed:

2017-02-11  – Gut flora – Dr. Robin , NYC Columbia training, now in Boston MA; never trained that food could treat disease, only that drugs could, BOOK: The Microbiom Prescription

2017-02-11  – my notes from video interview of Annie Brandt, tumor is a substance that forms around a disease.

  • Must look at what is feeding the cancer, i.e. food, sunshine, what you think, stress, etc.
  • Detox the mind, don’t feel trapped, need air and water purifier
  • The body and the mind will listen to positive affirmations if you tell it enough times
  • Tapping by an effective tapper
  • Immune system: Onco-immunologists can tell what’s wrong; laughter; Dr Mercola: sunshine, microbion, endoconobinoid (medical cannibis) United Patients Group’s goal to educate people; needs to be in right proportion; THC-A is non
  • Her foundation’s goal is to help doctors and patients including making more options legal
  • Lifestyle: Happy positive relationships, exercise, proper amount of rest (7-9 hours)
  • It’s the metastatic circulating stem cells that kill and conventional medicine has no solution.
  • If you have cancer, switch things around to beat cancer
  • Book: The Healing Platform – How she got sick, healing modalities; targeted cancer therapies;

2017-01-03  Bone and CT scans indicate no metastasis outside the prostate

2016-12-25 baking soda to raise Ph which kills tumors. Some use a sugar ‘carrier’ like molasses or honey, reasoning that the tumor likes sugar and will attract the baking soda/sweetener mix into the tumor cells. I disagree with the use of any sugar or sugar-like food being needed to make it work. Note, treating the outside periphery of the tumor works for a bit but the tumor learns to deal with the treatment making it less effective and even stronger to resist the treatment. But if the tumor is attacked via the blood it receives it will kill the tumor from the inside out.  One HUGE consideration, i.e. cancer LOVES sugar so I’m skeptical as to the remedies that include sugar. The ‘pros’ of using honey, syrup, etc. is that it’s used as the ‘carrier’ to get the baking soda into the tumor but the ‘con’ is that sugar feeds the cancer. I’m still looking for info about this dilemma and all I see are arguing people with no science. It may be that this issue will remain unresolved. If anyone has ideas, please keep looking, but if you have science about this issue, please ‘Reply’ below with your info and source(s). Thanks, Kurt.  These are my ideas, not science or medical advice. See for more info Their phone number is (480) 839-2800.

Full report

Here is a good diet recommendation from the above site:  “eat the basic fresh vegetables, fruits and meats that our ancestors ate, in that order, with vegetables being the biggest part of your diet, then fruit and meat, and as much organic as you can get. Those basic foods are so nutrient-dense that they will actually fill you up most of the time and satisfy your cravings within several days to a few weeks. The desperate need for sweeteners will subside to a mild craving and then just go away when you eat a good variety of vegetables, fruits and meats.”  Kurt

2016-12-21 biopsy; notes from Dr. B followup:
2016-12-23 notes from Dr B. I’m 4+3, 28mm tumor; 70% is pattern 4; “heavy 4”, If it were 4+4 => 20% higher chance of lymphnode issue; on shows I’m 86% chance of cancer outside the gland, 30% chance in lymphnodes; my genetic testing score was excellent => good chance cancer is not outside the gland; wife Kathy 423-314-0363 has Resource Foundation to guide pts; Robitics: Dr. Fagundex(sp?) at Mayo in Jx, FL and Lee Jackson in Chattanooga (he trained at Clev Clini in robotics); If radiation => Europe; then cryoblation – “thermal ablation is best”; FLA => $20-30k; Dr Walzer in Galveston, TX is good; Dr. Busch’s favorite is Dr. John Feller who’s with Burnadette Greenwood, in Palm Desert, CA at Desert Medical Imaging; HIFU not covered by insur; I have “pretty good size lesion”; cryoablation is a good method; Dr. B could pull 2 more cores and freeze them and use that tissue to grow vacine ($500); ToDo: Have Dr. Goins refer me to Dr. B for bone scan and CT of abdomin and pelvis; consider trial in Jan 2017 of Axumin (radioactive amino acid)

Kathy Wiley, 36 yrs in medicine scanning, married to Dr. Busch for 13 years; started pet imaging in 1998 in Chattanooga; worked with Joe in prostate area since 2010; for 2 yrs she’s been getting the non-profit foundation started; P10 is cell periforation, so if P10 is intact then that’s good, i.e. my foot is on the brake => slow growing cells; 60% of C occurs in periferal zone, normally it’s in the base, but mine is in the anterior part of the gland. Ultrasound can’t see where my cancer is. She’ll send me a HIPA form signed so Jeanie can send her my medical records.

Desert Medical has trial
Focal Laser Ablations are not covered by insurance. Costs about $30k b/c laser is quite expensive. Only 3 places in USA who do them. With FLA, some men have issues with body reabsorbing the dead tissue.  The prostate will react to the FLA so it will swell b/c it’s been violated. Six months post FLA there will be a followup MRi and see if everything is clear and there are no marginal area that didn’t get burned.

London has physician, one in Netherlands for $25k; A John Fortin in Atlanta had it done and he could help me and he’s big on nutrition. Eric Walzer $30k; Dr. Sperling in FL $30k; seen a lot of vegans who have put their cancer at bay; eat as fresh and local as you can. Mind, medicine, miracles. Proton Therapy enters the body and they can tell it to stop before it gets to rectum and bowels. They’ll boost the radiation to the area of suspect but radiate the whole prostate. She suggests I ask if there is anything I can take to keep the lining of the bladder healthy. Also the Proton Center uses a poxy to keep the prostate off the rectum and the body absorbs it later after the treatment.

Size and location of lesion determines what type of treatment is used.

Been working 2 years on setting up the foundation; she plans a launch in 1sr qtr 2017; she has a donor who has put up $25k, another one who has put up $5k; she has a medical advisory council of international doctors. Immunotherapy (don’t do Provins where they take plasma …. it excites the soldiers like T-cells, etc. but they don’t know where to go. It takes tissue from my original cancer and uses that to attack your cancer. External beam radiation causes cells become hypoxic, i.e. they lack oxygen.

Make appointment at Proton Center for free consultation. Also with FLA guys. Kromanian in Houston who trained under Dr. Walzer and Kathy would be nervous having him do a FLA. Dr. John Feller does wonderful job on anterior lesions.  Yearly PSA and MRI after FLA’s b/c you’re not finished. You could have new or recurrence. MRI can’t see Gleason 6, only 3+4 and 4+3, but not 3+3. The first number, i.e. 4+3, has to do with the cells appearance and how the nucleus looks. >51% 4’s => a grade of 4.

2016-12-21 3 prick biopsy showing Gleason 4+3

… > I take lots of supplements including multi-vitamins, high doses of Vit C & D, Super Beta Prostate, pycnogenol, apricot seeds, neem and others

… > I’ve cut out most dairy, meat and eggs with maybe only 1-3 servings/wk

2016-11-11 3T mpMRI with Dr. Busch indicating cancer likely

2016-03-03 PSA of 33.89 … my immediate reaction:

  • Stopped all sugar, most all carbs;
  • Intermittent fasting everyday from 8pm until noon;
  • Eating only organic and lots of raw veggies, some fruit, little meat & dairy and then only from animals that grass graze without any hormone treatments;
  • Measuring Ph level each morning to get my pH >=7.0; intermittent but mostly not successful getting 6.5 to 7.0 readings 016-10 PSA 42.29


My Personal List of Cancer Cures

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