PROBLEM: I cannot delete files in my ‘Download’ folder (Samsung Chromebook). When I click the Files app (window does not have a title), I see two tabs: Downloads and Google Drive. At the Downloads tab, there are several files listed. I am unable to delete files, whether I try one or several, it doesn’t matter.

I can place a check mark in each box to the left of each file, I can click the ‘Delete’ link in the lower right and a window pops up that says ‘Are you sure you want to delete “file.jpg”? where I can click ‘Ok’ or ‘Cancel’. When I click ‘Ok’ I am returned to the list of files WITHOUT the previously checked files being deleted. And the check mark(s) are still there.

RESOLUTION: I did a Shut Down and when I restarted it was fixed.

Kurt Gross

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