8 Nutrients That Block Cancer Metastasis:

  1. Ursolic Acid, e.g. apple skin, holy basil, bilberries, oregano — turns on apoptosis thus inhibiting growth and block metastisis
  2. Vitamin D (DBP-maf), e.g. sunshine, supplements with vitamin K2, wild caught salmon, organic and pastured eggs, fermented dairy, whole milk from grass-fed cows. — critical to production of cancer fighting protein called GcMAF to inhibit metastasis by shutting down receptors and enzymes that encourage metastasis, slows migration using DPB-maf
  3. Curcumin e.g. supplement — regulates apoptosis, inhibits cancer cell growth, supports immune system, blocks the production of TNF (tumor necrosis factor) to help reduce inflammation and tumor growth.
  4. EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) e.g. green tea — suppresses tumor growth
  5. Sulforaphane e.g. broccoli sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, kale — reduces inflammation, detoxes, inhibits growth and thus metastasis
  6. Quercetin e.g. onions, capers, blackberries, raspberries, black tea, green tea, dark cherries, cocoa powder, kale, apples, sage, parsley — detoxification, (high intake: suppresses cancer cell proliferation, reduces oxidative damage and inhibits mutant pro-cancer gene P53)
  7. Apigenin e.g. parsley, grapefruit, onions, oranges, chamomile tea — helps eliminate toxins, prevents metastasis, inhibits invasion of cancer cells to new tissue
  8. Luteolin e.g. green peppers, chamomile tea, celery.  –suppresses pro-cancer enzymes and has an anti-metastic effect. To get the full details, the above is sourced at:

Actually we don’t “get” cancer. All of us already have it! It’s just that some people’s immune system fails at killing or aborting the circulating cancer cells in the body. When this happens in large enough numbers some of them become what we call a tumor. And some tumors are harmless and others aren’t.

When a tumor is discovered, the patient is drawn into a quagmire of information. In fact, I could argue that this more disinformation than there is information.  After years of doing my own research, I’ve learned that there are hundreds of foods which have some positive effects on reducing cancer.  There are many natural phytonutrients found in plant-based foods that outperform radiation and chemotherapy – and without harmful side effects. There is a place for traditional medical treatments too but these should be at the end of the list of possible solutions, not at the beginning of that list and this last point is the very heart of the problem with what your typical ‘doctor’ will tell you.

Not only does he/she believe just the opposite, many of them discount the natural remedies. It’s amazing how so many smart people can be so ignorant. I’m sad to say this but I  believe the traditional medical community is out in left field on finding the solution to dealing with cancer. Hopefully this will change soon. I believe the transformation is underway but it needs to speed up and soon!

I’ve learned that natural, organic foods help strengthen the body so it can prevent these circulating cancer cells from surviving and growing in the body. And, I believe they will also reduce a tumor if we can find what combination of foods that our individual body needs.  And not just cancer but they will help alleviate and cure many other health weaknesses and problems. It is both encouraging that there are so many helpful solutions and scary that there are so many.  The “helpful” solutions have lots of support online and in publications. The “scary” solutions are compromised by under-educated physicians who have egos the size of mountains which cause many of them to completely turn a blind eye to natural solutions which work.

One issue that does come up for those seeking the natural solutions is when they ask themselves, if all these foods work individually like their promoters claim, then surely if you eat several of these cure-all foods that you could send cancer on the run. To me, that’s a logical deduction.

I think the truth lies in between both camps. Both food and drugs work but food as medicine is much closer to the solution than the lab-born drugs of the pharmaceutical companies.  I have taken a long journey to arrive at the point where I believe that both have their place. Unfortunately the medical community is not helping, they are an obstacle for those seeking their individual solution. Sad, and scary really.

So we need to spend energy sifting through all the natural remedies while stiff arming the AMA and the FDA.

It would really be nice if the FDA and other government agencies would bring clarity to what does and doesn’t help deal with cancer but instead they actually are the biggest problem with cancer solutions. The day will come when the two camps join and I think the health industry is evolving in that direction now. Unfortunately the traditional physician is the one being left behind. And they are the most qualified to sift through the facts if they just would try but their ego and formal training are stopping them.

It’s enough to make a person scream and walk away. After years of dealing with this issue and many others, I’ve come to believe that there are pieces of truth in many of the claims and thus the best way to deal with cancer is to use food as your medicine. It should make all of us mad to think that Hippocrates was right on target over 2,600 years ago and that his advice is still good advice today. In so many ways we’ve advanced but in far too many we haven’t.

If I had to sum up the current health environment, I believe that natural phytonutrients found in plant-based foods outperform radiation and chemotherapy not to mention that natural food-based solutions do it without harmful side effects.

So, I encourage you to keep looking for YOUR cure because I believe each of us has our own private, personal “recipe” of food which will slow or retard or reduce cancer cells in our body. And the doctor is your assistant, not the person in charge of your body. You are in charge and you are your best advocate for sorting through all the information and obstacles.


P.S. To prove my case that there are many natural solutions, check out what the University of Arizona Cancer Center study found.

They  assessed 43 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Each were given 2 grams of limonene (from lemons) daily between 2 and 6 weeks before they were scheduled to have surgery.

Breast tissue and blood were collected to determine d-limonene levels as well as changes to key biomarkers related to breast cancer. There was a 22 percent reduction in breast tumor markers, including cyclin D1, one of the most overexpressed proteins and genes in cases of breast cancer. It was noted that the d-limonene consumed became highly concentrated in the affected breast tissue.

The benefits of lemon include 22 anticancer compounds, reducing risk by 50 percent

SOURCE: https://www.naturalhealth365.com/anticancer-lemon-2528.html

8 Nutrients That Block Cancer Metastasis
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