Crypto-Currency Global Coin Reserve (GCR) & Bitcoin

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GCR is the first network referral business model associated with a crypto-currency.

To Register at no cost, click the image above*. To get info on the new crypto-currency Global Coin Reserve (GCR) & Bitcoin, fill out the form below. I don’t use your info for any other purpose other than here to allow you in to see more details about GCR, Bitcoin and crypto-currency:

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Here’s How I See This

It’s a program called GCR which is short for Global Coin Reserve. It’s a new crypto-currency that’s tied to Bitcoin and the only one I know that’s connected to a network marketing pay plan*.

You can buy Global Coins (GCRs)* only or you can network the business*. Either one, or both*.

If are willing to risk* just $70, it has the potential (read, risk) to grow to $75,000, maybe more maybe less*.

To me, the risk is low* ($70), the reward can be very, very high. High reward, low risk*. I like those odds.

I’m toying with whether to build it as a network, what they call “mining”, so I’m seeing if there is much interest. So far, there is.

To build it as a network, you have to purchase more crypto-currency, i.e. GCR, every month*.

One really great part is that you can register for free, network it, and decide later if you want to invest in more each month if you have anyone who is interested in ‘mining’ it. So long as you invest that month before your referral(s) does(do), you will benefit.

I suggest that you register at a medium level – you don’t have to pay now, and you can change it anytime, any month you want. It’s free and it will let you get the Austin Team system (that’s free to team members only), so there’s nothing to lose out of your pocket. But just think what you’d lose if it does take off and you didn’t register.

All that said, let’s go back to risk*. Today, you are risking the time it takes to fill out the form but no money vs. the potential gains of possibly millions of dollars.

Can you look into your Entrepreneurial soul and tell me that you won’t risk the time it takes to fill out the form and learn more for the possibility of becoming a millionaire? *

I could resist and I don’t see how any business sane person can either.

Register for free, spread the opportunity and you’ll find there is an interest in whether our whole monetary system will falter. The fact is, people are intrigued by this. Whether they’ll invest in it is what I’m trying to figure out, but at minimum, my $149 has the potential to turn into $150,000 or more. *

To me, that’s a no-brainer. If you agree, visit my link below and get registered to see inside. I believe you’ll find it educational and just maybe very, very profitable!

Register at no cost, no risk, click the image above

* Like with any expenditure of funds, there are risks that you need to consider. Make your own decision based on the info you can gather. You may lose it all, and you may gain it all. It’s your choice to make and your choice to live with. Happy trails . . . .

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Lower Cost For Dental Implants

Today there is great news for those considering dental implants. There are now lower cost for dental implants with a new process called ‘All On Four’ for dental implants which lowers the cost to $9,800 for full upper or lower teeth.

Dental implants are expensive – in the states. But in Costa Rica, they are much less and my experience was a better visit than I’d been getting here in the good ole USA for 40 years. Plus, I saved $8,100 myself and we had what I call a ‘free vacation’.

My story and how to lower cost for dental implants is known by friends but today, there is more good news because the cost just got better. Now, there is a new option for All-on-4® procedure for patients. This procedure is performed completely in one week, which means only one visit to Costa Rica, and for only $9,800 per upper or lower arcade. This includes extractions, 4 implants, 4 abutments, IV Conscious Sedation , medications and Cast Metal Reinforced Hybrid Bridge with high Implant Acrylic teeth.

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Amway Anniversary

This month marks 20 years as an Amway IBO. Back in June 1995 many friends told us not to do it. I’m glad I didn’t listen to them! It’s been a real blessing that has greatly enriched our lives.

Beyond the fact that it’s been financially rewarding to build a residual income that comes in every month, there were many other unexpected and pleasant surprises. The best one was all the friends we’ve made along the way. Those friends are priceless! And it’s very rewarding to be able to help others as well. What a nice experience all around.

To this day, I remember sitting on a plane bound for Las Vegas for an all-expense-paid by Amway week at the Venetian Resort for achieving our goals that year. We had a $10,000 bonus check in hand as well and I told Martha, Walmart never did anything like this for us. I guess you had to be there but it was a memorable moment.

So, despite what the skeptics say, Amway has enabled us to make a living by simply using the products and looking for Customers or IBOs who also wanted to “Shop and share” as I’ve always called it. I liked that name so well that I bought the domain

Today, I use my ‘free’ retail site that Amway gives IBOs (  and simply redirect my site to the free site. The biggest surprise to people is how Amway has changed from the ole days of product pickup at our house, storing inventory, etc. Today we simply direct people to one of the free sites that Amway gives us. Our guests can register for free as a Customer or upgrade as an IBO for $50/year which enables them to have the same opportunity as us. I sum it all up by saying that we tell, not sell. We support, not convince.

We’ve made a nice income for 240 consecutive months now for shopping and sharing and we look forward to helping those who ask for our help.

In summary before I get all wound up writing about it, I just wanted to say thanks for a rewarding and amazing learning process over the past 20 years! And it’s great knowing that residual income is there every month for work we did years ago. I look forward to helping many more people in the future.It’s so bright, I have to wear shades! Thank you Amway!

Kurt Gross

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Amazon Sourcing Profits

One of the main keys to making money selling Amazon affiliated products is knowing how and where to get products. That’s where a good Sourcing Agent comes into play. And finding the right one and doing the right deal is everything to that success.

Watch these links in order and learn how it’s done and how you can do it efficiently:

Amazon sourcing profits webinar

How To Source High Quality Products Without You Having To Ever Step Foot In China

Once you’ve watched the above webinar, this next video will help you learn more to speed up your learning to get you connected with this program. Don’t skip any steps. Watch this next video and then you can decide whether you want to get started and when.

paul sinclair, sourcing profits, amazon store, ecommerc store front

Introducing Sourcing Profits

There are many folks stumbling around in the Amazon jungle – pun intended – but those who want to follow the proven path are associating themselves with proven leaders. One of those people is Paul Sinclair.

He offers a course that is extensive and it will save you a lot of money and increase your profits greatly. Check out this free replay of a webinar done recently and then watch the videos that follow that. Enjoy!

For more details and to get answers to your question, contact Kurt at 865 466 9207

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Daily Multivitamin Organic Under $0.17 Per Day



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Amazon Specials

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Shop Amway Online At Discount

XS Summit Blast, amway, xs energy

XS Summit Blast – Zero Carbs Lots of B12

View Digital Catalogs

Customers Create Your Account FREE Today!
There is no cost to register. Set up your account and you can order whatever products you want, when you want, no minimums. We value our customers and we will Never contact you about the business! When you register be sure to mark it’s ok to share your name with us and we will set your account to wholesale pricing!

amway, amway hit refresh catalog, shop amway online, ibo pricing

Register here at NO cost and I will setup your account for discounted pricing which is about 30% on average below the retail prices you’ll see shown in the Hit Refresh catalog.

Check out our full product line

Would you like to buy at discounted prices? Do two things:

  1. Register at my site as a Customer.
  2. Email me (from my site above) that you have an account, and I’ll go into my site and setup your account for the lower pricing.

Note, when you register, do not mark your account to be hid from your sponsor. If you do that, I won’t see your Registration and so I wouldn’t be able access your account to change the pricing from Retail lower pricing.

Kurt Gross

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What Are You Doing About Your Dreams & Goals?

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