Do Gun Rights Drive Behavior?

do gun rights drive behavior

Gun Rights

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Nutrilite: Bridging The Nutrition Gap

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Hubble Image Of M13’s Nucleus

I find it interesting how the word humble is similar to Hubble. Maybe there’s a subtle meaning there for us. Enjoy the photo while you ponder that thought.

Hubble Image of M13

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Money And Rewards

money and rewards, amway

Learn how to earn money by changing where you shop and sharing your experience with others. Details can be seen at Money And Rewards

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Amway USA Today Coaches Poll

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Special Revelation

Special revelation is achieved when a person discovers that knowledge of God and spiritual matters can be learned through such means as scripture or miracles or real life experiences, even by the simple process of reading.

Special revelation is there for anyone to achieve yet most of us stumble right past it for years and years. Many people never achieve of an understanding that it even exists!

However when it is discovered, many vistas open to that person that greatly enrich their understanding of life and how the entire universe works. Not to say it’s a final point of destination but rather that it’s the beginning of the journey to the correct destination.

Many wonder in the desert of ignorance and never even make it onto the path of special revelation. Those who discover it realize that it is the beginning of discovery, not the end.

With all of that said, I must revert back to something a neighbor once said when I announced that I would be going off to college. He said, “So you’re going off to college to learn how little you know?”

At that time in my young life, it was a statement that stood out to me and got me to thinking. And it helped me realize that nothing I learned from the learned professors was anything new. That even though their ideas were new to me, they were all ideas that others had already discovered and learned and were now just being regurgitated down to me.

That statement has come back to my mind many, many times over the years.

We know so little and there is so much to learn that is sometimes boggles the mind.

It is a feeling of great accomplishment when you arrive at the place in life of “Special Revelation”.

“Special Revelation” allows one to realize that faith is not required and often keeps one from seeking the knowledge that exists.

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Caller ID Phone Detective

Have you ever wanted to know who the heck that was that just called you? Now you can:

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Order XS Energy Drinks

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