Organic Prospects

Business Builders – How would you like to receive 70 organic prospects per day?

Here is a screen shot of my Stats page after 5 days of sending out emails. It’s interesting to note that the best results are from the 7/22/2015 mailing and that’s the email with no images. I suspect that some ISPs block emails with images and that’s what’s being reflected here. It’s nice to have this Stats feature which comes with the OrganicProspects program.

organic prospects

OrganicProspects email campaign stats

To get more information and/or to start getting your daily 70 organic prospects, click the image below:

organic prospects

All the best and I hope to see you at the top with us!

Kurt Gross

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Crypto-Currency Global Coin Reserve (GCR) & Bitcoin

crypto-currency, bitcoin, global coin reserve, gcr

To register at no cost, no risk, click here

GCR is the first network referral business model associated with a crypto-currency.

Exclusive Wealth Building Platform Can Help You:
– Maximize Tax Deductions With Our Estimator Tool
– All Your Home Business Expenses
– Reduce Your Personal And Business Debt
– Repair Your Credit Regardless Of Condition
– Also Includes A Full Financial Education Library

To Register at no cost, click the image above*. To get info on the new crypto-currency Global Coin Reserve (GCR) & Bitcoin, fill out the form below. I don’t use your info for any other purpose other than here to allow you in to see more details about GCR, Bitcoin and crypto-currency:

First Name:  
The above form is for more info only

Click here to Register at no cost, no risk

Click here to see the Opportunity Plan

Here’s How I See This

It’s a program called GCR which is short for Global Coin Reserve. It’s a new crypto-currency that’s tied to Bitcoin and the only one I know that’s connected to a network marketing pay plan*.

You can buy Global Coins (GCRs)* only or you can network the business*. Either one, or both*.

If are willing to risk* just $70, it has the potential (read, risk) to grow to $75,000, maybe more maybe less*.

To me, the risk is low* ($70), the reward can be very, very high. High reward, low risk*. I like those odds.

I’m toying with whether to build it as a network, what they call “mining”, so I’m seeing if there is much interest. So far, there is.

To build it as a network, you have to purchase more crypto-currency, i.e. GCR, every month*.

One really great part is that you can register for free, network it, and decide later if you want to invest in more each month if you have anyone who is interested in ‘mining’ it. So long as you invest that month before your referral(s) does(do), you will benefit.

I suggest that you register at a medium level – you don’t have to pay now, and you can change it anytime, any month you want. It’s free and it will let you get the Austin Team system (that’s free to team members only), so there’s nothing to lose out of your pocket. But just think what you’d lose if it does take off and you didn’t register.

All that said, let’s go back to risk*. Today, you are risking the time it takes to fill out the form but no money vs. the potential gains of possibly millions of dollars.

Can you look into your Entrepreneurial soul and tell me that you won’t risk the time it takes to fill out the form and learn more for the possibility of becoming a millionaire? *

I could resist and I don’t see how any business sane person can either.

Register for free, spread the opportunity and you’ll find there is an interest in whether our whole monetary system will falter. The fact is, people are intrigued by this. Whether they’ll invest in it is what I’m trying to figure out, but at minimum, my $149 has the potential to turn into $150,000 or more. *

To me, that’s a no-brainer. If you agree, visit my link below and get registered to see inside. I believe you’ll find it educational and just maybe very, very profitable!

Register at no cost, no risk, click the image above

* Like with any expenditure of funds, there are risks that you need to consider. Make your own decision based on the info you can gather. You may lose it all, and you may gain it all. It’s your choice to make and your choice to live with. Happy trails . . . .

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Lower Cost For Dental Implants

Today there is great news for those considering dental implants. There are now lower cost for dental implants with a new process called ‘All On Four’ for dental implants which lowers the cost to $9,800 for full upper or lower teeth.

Dental implants are expensive – in the states. But in Costa Rica, they are much less and my experience was a better visit than I’d been getting here in the good ole USA for 40 years. Plus, I saved $8,100 myself and we had what I call a ‘free vacation’.

My story and how to lower cost for dental implants is known by friends but today, there is more good news because the cost just got better. Now, there is a new option for All-on-4® procedure for patients. This procedure is performed completely in one week, which means only one visit to Costa Rica, and for only $9,800 per upper or lower arcade. This includes extractions, 4 implants, 4 abutments, IV Conscious Sedation , medications and Cast Metal Reinforced Hybrid Bridge with high Implant Acrylic teeth.

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Amazon Sourcing Profits

One of the main keys to making money selling Amazon affiliated products is knowing how and where to get products. That’s where a good Sourcing Agent comes into play. And finding the right one and doing the right deal is everything to that success.

Watch these links in order and learn how it’s done and how you can do it efficiently:

Amazon sourcing profits webinar

How To Source High Quality Products Without You Having To Ever Step Foot In China

Once you’ve watched the above webinar, this next video will help you learn more to speed up your learning to get you connected with this program. Don’t skip any steps. Watch this next video and then you can decide whether you want to get started and when.

paul sinclair, sourcing profits, amazon store, ecommerc store front

Introducing Sourcing Profits

There are many folks stumbling around in the Amazon jungle – pun intended – but those who want to follow the proven path are associating themselves with proven leaders. One of those people is Paul Sinclair.

He offers a course that is extensive and it will save you a lot of money and increase your profits greatly. Check out this free replay of a webinar done recently and then watch the videos that follow that. Enjoy!

For more details and to get answers to your question, contact Kurt at 865 466 9207

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Amazon Specials

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Fahrenheit 451 Can The Government Ban Books

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Alternative Shopping Pays Big Rewards

shop share earn
I have earned over $250k by shopping and by sharing the news about it.

I’m available to answer questions and discuss how you too can get paid for changing where you buy your everyday products without any obligations on your part or pressure from me. I want people who want good value and honest business partners. If you’ve tried your hand at other programs and been unhappy, or maybe you were a part of some program that made BIG promises but you found out that things weren’t so easy, I think you’ll find this refreshing.

I will help you achieve an initial level of success and in doing so, teach you how to go forward and teach others. It’s important that you and your people make money early on. Otherwise, everyone gets discouraged and quits.

We have a duplicatable program that works.

Call or text Kurt at 865 466 9207 with the best number and time to reach you.

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Escape The Rat Race

I Got Tired Of Making Others Wealthy So I Opened My Mind To Another Way To Create Financial Independence

To Learn More, Register For Our Webinar Free Right Now.
Kurt Gross

We’re building a team of like minded people who are unhappy with the average lifestyle of struggling with money and living on credit.   Join us if you’re ready to step away from the masses to control your own destiny!

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Path To Financial Freedom Webinar
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Only If

You Would Be Willing To Start Your Own Online Business For Less Than The Cost Of Dinner And A Movie?   Ready To Escape The Rat Race Yet And Join A Team That Cares About Your Success?

Kurt Gross (865) 466 9207

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