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Special Revelation

Special revelation is achieved when a person discovers that knowledge of God and spiritual matters can be learned through such means as scripture or miracles or real life experiences, even by the simple process of reading.

Special revelation is there for anyone to achieve yet most of us stumble right past it for years and years. Many people never achieve of an understanding that it even exists!

However when it is discovered, many vistas open to that person that greatly enrich their understanding of life and how the entire universe works. Not to say it’s a final point of destination but rather that it’s the beginning of the journey to the correct destination.

Many wonder in the desert of ignorance and never even make it onto the path of special revelation. Those who discover it realize that it is the beginning of discovery, not the end.

With all of that said, I must revert back to something a neighbor once said when I announced that I would be going off to college. He said, “So you’re going off to college to learn how little you know?”

At that time in my young life, it was a statement that stood out to me and got me to thinking. And it helped me realize that nothing I learned from the learned professors was anything new. That even though their ideas were new to me, they were all ideas that others had already discovered and learned and were now just being regurgitated down to me.

That statement has come back to my mind many, many times over the years.

We know so little and there is so much to learn that is sometimes boggles the mind.

It is a feeling of great accomplishment when you arrive at the place in life of “Special Revelation”.

“Special Revelation” allows one to realize that faith is not required and often keeps one from seeking the knowledge that exists.

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Organic Prospects Review

UPDATE: Before leaving this post, see the comment below where I’ve shared my results about my experience with Organic Prospects… Kurt Gross

Organic Prospects is a source of leads whereby I subscribe to the system in order to receive leads. Each day I receive 140 organic email leads. That’s 4,200 social media leads per month!

The cost to me? I paid a $30 setup fee (one-time) and then I pay $24.95/month for 70 leads per day. Once I sponsored one person, that earned me another 70 leads per day because I introduced OrganicProspects to them.

And that also earns me a monthly bonus too. So, I get the 140 leads per day I earn money for having introduced others to OrganicProspects. In the beginning, I wanted the leads but it’s nice to know that I can also earn money by sharing the Organic Prospects system with others to develop an extra income source too.

And, it’s a complete marketing system. I use their system to send out my email to each prospect. The OrganicProspects system includes a Stats section where I can evaluate my marketing methods to see which email campaign message resonates best with my organic prospects.

This video explains it better than I can. 

In the words of the founders here is how OrganicProspects was born:

What is the origin of Organic Prospects?

The concept behind Organic Prospects was born in 2003 when Google Adwords marketers Greg Stinton and Aaron Warner dreamed of a way to wean off the their heavy dependence on Pay-Per-Click advertising. On the one hand they were very grateful to be making full time incomes advertising various affiliate offers through PPC’s. On the other, they knew it wouldn’t last forever, as competition and costs-per-click rates continued to rise exponentially. Astonishingly, Google Adwords marketing provided a great living for both Greg & Aaron for another 7 years until 2010. This was the year Google began its slashing and burning of affiliate accounts and the boys were forced to act quickly if they were going to continue their careers in online marketing.

Greg & Aaron soon discovered the value in acquiring home business prospects and emailing them various offers. The more prospects they acquired and contacted, the more money they made. This evolved quickly into a systematic process of acquiring, grading and filtering of the prospects based on genuine interest, to further increase their results. The process was refined on over 5 million prospects during the next 5 years.

With an efficient method of acquiring home business prospects via the top 15 social media sites, and a streamlined way of grading and filtering these prospects based on genuine interest, Greg & Aaron committed themselves to giving back to their peers. Only the home business prospects that meet Greg & Aaron’s absolute highest standard of genuine interest are given the name “Organic Prospects.”

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Caller ID Phone Detective

Have you ever wanted to know who the heck that was that just called you? Now you can:

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Organic Prospects

Business Builders – How would you like to receive 70 organic prospects per day?

Here is a screen shot of my Stats page after 5 days of sending out emails. It’s interesting to note that the best results are from the 7/22/2015 mailing and that’s the email with no images. I suspect that some ISPs block emails with images and that’s what’s being reflected here. It’s nice to have this Stats feature which comes with the OrganicProspects program.

organic prospects

OrganicProspects email campaign stats

To get more information and/or to start getting your daily 70 organic prospects, click the image below:

organic prospects

All the best and I hope to see you at the top with us!

Kurt Gross

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Order XS Energy Drinks

To get discounted pricing, do not make your name private when you register. That way we’ll have access to edit your account for the discounted pricing after you register.

Order XS Energy Drinks Now!

We Give Silent Support – We are there for you when you need us. We don’t sell, we tell. You “shop” and “share” when you choose, you buy what you want, when you want. And, we set up our Customers for the same discounted pricing that we pay as IBOs.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. Enjoy… Martha & Kurt Gross 865 466 9207

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Light Up Lip Gloss By Artistry

Buy Now – Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss By Artistry!

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Crypto-Currency Global Coin Reserve (GCR) & Bitcoin

crypto-currency, bitcoin, global coin reserve, gcr

To register at no cost, no risk, click here

GCR is the first network referral business model associated with a crypto-currency.

Exclusive Wealth Building Platform Can Help You:
– Maximize Tax Deductions With Our Estimator Tool
– All Your Home Business Expenses
– Reduce Your Personal And Business Debt
– Repair Your Credit Regardless Of Condition
– Also Includes A Full Financial Education Library

To Register at no cost, click the image above*. To get info on the new crypto-currency Global Coin Reserve (GCR) & Bitcoin, fill out the form below. I don’t use your info for any other purpose other than here to allow you in to see more details about GCR, Bitcoin and crypto-currency:

First Name:  
The above form is for more info only

Click here to Register at no cost, no risk

Click here to see the Opportunity Plan

Here’s How I See This

It’s a program called GCR which is short for Global Coin Reserve. It’s a new crypto-currency that’s tied to Bitcoin and the only one I know that’s connected to a network marketing pay plan*.

You can buy Global Coins (GCRs)* only or you can network the business*. Either one, or both*.

If are willing to risk* just $70, it has the potential (read, risk) to grow to $75,000, maybe more maybe less*.

To me, the risk is low* ($70), the reward can be very, very high. High reward, low risk*. I like those odds.

I’m toying with whether to build it as a network, what they call “mining”, so I’m seeing if there is much interest. So far, there is.

To build it as a network, you have to purchase more crypto-currency, i.e. GCR, every month*.

One really great part is that you can register for free, network it, and decide later if you want to invest in more each month if you have anyone who is interested in ‘mining’ it. So long as you invest that month before your referral(s) does(do), you will benefit.

I suggest that you register at a medium level – you don’t have to pay now, and you can change it anytime, any month you want. It’s free and it will let you get the Austin Team system (that’s free to team members only), so there’s nothing to lose out of your pocket. But just think what you’d lose if it does take off and you didn’t register.

All that said, let’s go back to risk*. Today, you are risking the time it takes to fill out the form but no money vs. the potential gains of possibly millions of dollars.

Can you look into your Entrepreneurial soul and tell me that you won’t risk the time it takes to fill out the form and learn more for the possibility of becoming a millionaire? *

I could resist and I don’t see how any business sane person can either.

Register for free, spread the opportunity and you’ll find there is an interest in whether our whole monetary system will falter. The fact is, people are intrigued by this. Whether they’ll invest in it is what I’m trying to figure out, but at minimum, my $149 has the potential to turn into $150,000 or more. *

To me, that’s a no-brainer. If you agree, visit my link below and get registered to see inside. I believe you’ll find it educational and just maybe very, very profitable!

Register at no cost, no risk, click the image above

* Like with any expenditure of funds, there are risks that you need to consider. Make your own decision based on the info you can gather. You may lose it all, and you may gain it all. It’s your choice to make and your choice to live with. Happy trails . . . .

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