Who To Believe

Look at all the people who go to work everyday only to get by. If they only could see the obvious solution to their financial problems and time constraints is right in front of them everyday.

To get free from that time robber, all they have to do is change where they buy their everyday stuff and share that message with others. This site can be your ticket to freedom from the time robber. The question is, will you allow that idea room to grow in your head?

Or will you listen to the masses who are broke and in debt, telling you that those “deals” don’t work.

I get bonus money every month for doing two things, i.e. changing where I shop and sharing that experience with others.

Yet, your friends says that’s not possible. Who are you going to believe? What I know to be true and can prove it? Or what your friends THINK can’t happen?

If you had to make that call right now, I can see how that might be a difficult decision for you to make, here at my site, on the spot and all.

But, the good news is, you don’t have to make that call. All you have to decide is whether you will get the facts or not. I don’t sell or pressure anyone. I’ve kicked open the doors to all the information you want. I will provide you with info and answers without trying to convince you or sell you anything.

What could be easier? Work the 40 year, 40 hours a week plan just to get by? Or change where you shop and work with a group of folks who have learned how to navigate through the pitfalls and business opportunity scams?

I’ll be waiting to see who calls. Will it be you? Tour our site and see for yourself. Then call to talk whenever you are ready or have questions.

Who to believe. Think for yourself, are they right or me? Who are we to believe?

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Dead Doctors Don’t Lie by Dr. Wallach

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come
when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict
the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to
others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special
privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.”

….. Benjamin Rush, Revolutionary War hero, physician and signer of the Declaration of Independence

The information in the videos below will save your life! Stop eating yourself sick when the truth is right here. You’ve listened to traditional medical folks all your life. Take a few minutes to listen to Dr. Wallach and you will change your life.

Dr. Joel Wallach Youngevity Presentation

Dr. Joel D. Wallach : The Medical Truth (seg. 1 of 8)

Timer point and topics covered in this video are as follows:

3:30 Every human and every animal that dies of “natural causes” dies of a nutritional deficiency. Think about this because it is PROFOUND!! Dr. Wallach did 17,500 autopsies on 454 species of animals and found that every animal that died, died because of a nutritional deficiency.

3:57 Pooh poohs the idea of the false claim that there’s no evidence that vitamins help you resist or overcome disease.

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The Revolution Against Medical Tryanny with Dr. Joel Wallach

This Dr. Wallach video has information that WILL change your life! Traditional medical associations do NOT want you to hear this.

Human doctors treat sickness or injury AFTER you have it happen. Animal doctors (aka veterinarians) treat health BEFORE it happens. Dr. Wallach left human medicene for animal medicene and he had this observation which I first learned when I heard his “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” talk years ago. He started Youngevity and I’ve become a member so I can purchase products at 30% off retail.

After listening to the video: The Revolution Against Medical Tryanny with Dr. Joel Wallach . . . .

Order Youngevity products at http://jobfreelife.com


P.S. Notes and highlights from the video and the timer point where it’s found so you can share specific points with your friends. Everyone needs to hear this information so send this link out to everyone you care about:

6:20 cook meat wrong and you increase cancer rates greatly.

9:30 Blacks have been lied to about genetic deficiencies causing diseases. These can be fixed with diet. Creflo Dollar attests to this!

11:00 Alzheimer is a nutritional deficiency issue, not genetic!

11:30 Gluten is not an allergy. It’s an intestinal issue, again it can be fixed with proper nutrition.

Kids aren’t getting as much nutrition as the typical dog gets

Until Dr. Wallach sued the FDA and won so that people can now say that supplements can increase your health. Until then, you could be put in jail for claiming this.

Dr. Wallach prevailed in court so that people could say that antioxidants work.

If someone is shooting people, should we study why bullets are killing people or should we figure out how to stop the shooting?  Obvious, right? Yet why is it that the established medical associations don’t want to treat the problem (for example the shooter), just the symptom (for example study the bullets).

Join us at http://jobfreelife.com or call me for personal assistance at 865-382-3010

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Hair Loss Reversed By Youngevity’s Full

See Dr. Gold’s Presentation Here

Hair loss is not hereditary and can be restored according to Dr. Gold in the above interview. As you can tell by looking at my photo on the right, I am excited to try these products but I thought I’d share Dr. Gold’s presentation in the meantime. I’ll be testing these two products, Youngevity’s “Full” & “ProStat”, to reverse hair loss. I’ll keep you posted!

Projoba's Full To Reverse Hair Loss

Projoba’s Full To Reverse Hair Loss

Projoba's ProStat To Increase Sexual Energy, Male Health and Healthy Prostate

Projoba’s ProStat To Increase Sexual Energy, Male Health and Healthy Prostate

Order Youngevity Products Here

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Clemson University Cancer Study

Clemson University Cancer Study – Youngevity

Youngevity Has Hundreds Of Great Products! They Really Are Life Changing!

Over the last 18 years I’ve tried many different products that gave marginal results! I was very skeptical about any nutritional products because of my experience but let me tell you Youngevity products work! The results are AMAZING! Do you want to feel great again?  My personal health challenges were helped by these Youngevity products.


youngevity clemson university study

Take Charge Of Your Health

Prevention Is Key. Don’t Wait Until You’re Sick To Take Care Of Your Body

Healthy Start Packs – Products That Change Lives!


Surgical Recovery – Nutritional Support

Hypertension & Blood Pressure Issues & Nutritional Support  

Detox & Weight Loss 

Nutritional Support for Diabetes 

Optimal Nutrition For Seniors

Skin with Botanical Spa Hand & Body Lotion  

Stop losing your hair… How to maintain a gorgeous, healthy head of hair

Is Losing Weight Making you SICK? 

Live Longer – Love Your Liver 

Omega Oils and Good Health

Stress & Anxiety Management 

Ridding Yourself of Addictions 

Weight Loss - Start the New Year off Thinner

Holiday Gifts that Keep Giving with Youngevity

Improving Energy and Endurance Levels - Better Athletic Performance Can
Be Yours

The Aging Brain: How to Avoid Losing Your Mind 

Get a Better Nights Sleep with Youngevity Products  

The World’s Most Perfect Food  

Natural Approaches to Focus & Attention Issues 

Opt Out of the Cold & Flu Season  

Weight Loss for Different Body Types  

Turning Product Knowledge into Sales  

How to Boost Your Sales by Marketing Pollen Burst  

Feeding your Body with Nature’s Perfect Food Source

Effective Weight Loss with Youngevity Products 

Anti-Aging Inside and Outside with Youngevity

Why Is Your Stomach Bugging You?

How to Pick a Lead Product to Market?

Are Your Allergies Bugging You? 

A Natural Approach to Pain & Inflammation

Brain and Body Detoxification 

Natural Approach to Hormones – For Women and MEN

1st SOD Infused Hair Care Products 

SOD – Power Inflammation Reduction & Antioxidant 

Protecting Your Skin with Youngevity

Want To Learn How To Create A $3,000 Monthly Residual Income With Us?

I have been working in this industry full time for over 18 years.   Learn why it’s important to your success in who you align yourself with in a business. It takes a team working together to create momentum and success!

Listen To Our 24/7 Youngevity Call (618) 355-1919

Let’s Talk. I’ll Answer Your Questions & Get You Started.

Kurt Gross  kurtray@gmail.com   (865) 382-3010 

Please, do not use my contact information in your auto dialers or autoresponders!

© 1997 – 2014 Grossinternational.com All Rights Reserved.


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Learning How To Make Money

When you know how to make money, you have more control of your time and thus your life. So why is the skill of making money not taught in schools? I think it’s because few people know that learning how to make money is little different than learning how to play the guitar or ride a bicycle.

Few realize that learning how to make money is a skill. It is not luck and it is not the same as having a job or starting a business. It’s significan to notice that learning how to make money is different from starting a business. The two acts are not necessarily always connected.

When you owe money to someone, they own a piece of your schedule so you could say they own a piece of you. Making money is about freedom and learning how to make money requires understanding some principles and practice, just like learning to play a guitar or riding a bicycle.

First skill that’s needed is to know how to sell. Not the pushy method most knuckleheads stumble around with. That is how to NOT sell. I’m talking about learning how to help the customer buy the product or service you’re selling.

Second thing to learn is that you need to like what you’re selling. If you don’t use it yourself, it’s much harder to help someone else purchase it. You need to find a niche that works. Some people call it a ‘hook’. It’s not important what you call it. It’s important that you find something that works for you.

Third, you must learn AND KNOW that you must sell at a higher price than you purchase at – duh! BUT you must also know what your expenses are (what it will cost you to sell your product/service) and this must be at or below what your competition is selling their product/service for. The key thing to focus on is not what you sell your product/service for but what price you pay for it. You make your money when you buy your product/service, not when you sell it. Buy wisely and you’ll be ahead of the competition.

Fourth, you must remove the fear and questions that your buyer has about your product/service. This requires you to educate your customer. Some people call this marketing and there are more ways to screw it up than there are ways to succeed with it. It is a learnable skill and you can also buy marketing from other people who specialize in it. It’s expensive and it’s hard to find those who know how to master it. You can spend a lot of money on marketing and get no or little results.

Fifth, you must be willing to fail, learn and try again. This is a cycle that you will need to accept and be willing to go through the cycle over and over again. The key is this – you should either learn what not to do again or you should make more money than you invested. Here’s the hard part – you must learn that either way you gained. You either made money or you lost, but either way, you gained experience and that’s the real gain in the end.

Sixth, you must learn to test so you can choose the model that performed better and then test that model against a new one. Repeat this over and over until you die, or go out of business, whichever happens first.

Seventh, start your venture with money that you already have. To borrow adds two demons to you – a new expense called interest but worse yet, you get a false sense that you’re in business. By starting with your own money, aka bootstrapping, you find out real early whether your idea is real or just looks good on paper, which leads to the next thing.

Eighth, plan. Have goals and a well-thought out idea of what you’re going to do. And have it written down on paper. Ok, you can type it, but get your ideas onto a hard copy and keep that plan in front of you daily. It’s ok to change it, most likely it will need to be changed, but write it down and use it daily to guide you.

Ninth, do not get discouraged. While there is a “fine line” between being persistent and knowing when to call it quits, most people put the “knowing when to quit” line was too forward. You must be willing to stick with it through much more than a novice would usually think. Persistence is one of the least possessed qualities among people.

Tenth, find a mentor who has done what you want to do. Not someone who THINKS they know how to achieve success. Not someone who teaches and preaches it with an eloquent flavor but someone who has actually DONE IT.

Happy trails . . . .

Kurt Gross

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This Mouse Had It’s Age Reversed. Now It May Be Our Turn!

Imortalium Product Overview Info

Click Above Image To See The Full Overview on Reverse Aging Imortalium

Imortalium - Telomere Health

Imortalium – Telomere Health

Order Product Here


Questions or comments? Contact Kurt at 865-466-9207 (call or text)

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