Aging Is For Old People

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Fahrenheit 451 Can The Government Ban Books

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Escape The Rat Race

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Why Is Ron Paul Called Dr No?

Why is Ron Paul called Dr No?

Why is Ron Paul called Dr No?

And Nancy Pelosi doesn’t. She said we have to pass the bill to see what’s in it! Give me a break!

The real answer to ‘Why is Ron Paul called Dr No?” is because his critics can’t respond with logic, so they can only appeal the under-educated voter by slinging slurs such as ‘Dr. No’.

His critics can’t use the facts against him, so they call him names and hope you won’t look past the name calling to see the facts.

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We Are All Controlled

Are you ok with the fact that you are being controlled? I’ve struggled with the idea for years but as I get a broader understanding of our place as humans in the universe it’s bothering me less and less.

Anyone who is honest with themselves realizes there are times when they feel out of control. And while it’s common to revolt against being controlled, at some point you realize that maybe it’s ok to be “controlled”. Or is it?

To see this control thing from another side, think about the reciprocal situation. Think about how many things you have control over. Maybe it’s your kids, maybe it’s when you eat lunch, maybe it’s your dog.

It’s a relative thing too. Some say that we are being controlled by aliens and that upsets many folks. Yet when we control others like our kids, we see how it’s ok, in fact preferred for their sake. So how much are we all controlled, when are we bothered by it and not, and how much do we have control over?

Sometimes it’s a control within parameters. For example, while you do have control over when you go on your next trip to the potty, your control of when has a set range of time within which you must act. You control the minute you go, but not the hour. It’s a partial control and it illustrates how we are all controlled and yet it may really be ok.

I know of no one who has total control over their life. Some have little control, some have a lot, but it’s all relative to each other.

Now if you’re one of those who still hasn’t accepted the fact that we are all controlled, it may disturb you to find out that there’s nothing you can do about it. Actually, you can only make it worse.

Take the example of some fish in an aquarium. The fish are “controlled” but they don’t know it. Let’s imagine that one of the fish figures this out and starts to form a group of fish who become aware of this and they organize to do something about it. Just how far are they going to get? Do they have any chance whatsoever of “busting out”?

And if I find they have busted out, will that turn out well for the fish? I could argue they would be better off if they didn’t know they were being controlled. Can the same argument be made about us humans? Are we better off not knowing that we are all controlled? Did you ever notice how happy some mentally deficient people seem to be? Maybe ignorance of our total situation is a blessing? I don’t think so, but I can see the point.

I hear those of you who say that our situation as humans is different, but is it that different? The fact is, whether we understand it or even realize it, we are all controlled and that may just be alright. Maybe we don’t have the best answers as to how our lives should unfold. Maybe there is a higher power who knows better.

Here’s an out-of-the-box thought – maybe there are several higher powers who know better than we humans! Who says that God is the top and we are in second place? We may be in 112th place for all we know!

I see some of the things that humans do and I realize that we are not qualified to be running the universe. There are those of us humans who don’t even know not to litter, let alone hurt others or blow up things. We are not qualified to run everything, so maybe we have plenty of things that we are in control of and it’s probably not a good idea that we can control too much more at this point in our development.

We are all controlled and there may be a bigger reason for this than we understand. Accepting our place in the universe and living within our “aquarium” of life may just be what our destiny calls for at this point in time. I’m optimistic that we will grow and evolve to a place where we can earn more freedom and less control but for now, I’m starting to accept that we are all controlled and maybe that’s just the way it is – for right now anyway.

Kurt Gross

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How To Eliminate Poverty

You can’t fix poverty by redistributing money.

Poverty thrives where no value is being added. When you add value to a good or service, you make money. Do it well, and you become rich.

The reason people are in poverty is because they are not adding value to anything that other people want to buy.

If you want other people to not be in poverty, giving them money will not get you the results you want. You will need to help THEM to add value to something. THEY have to add value that OTHER people want in order for them to get out of poverty.

That’s because poverty results from an unequal distribution of value-creating capability, not from a lack of money.

Throwing other people’s money, or even your money, at the problem will NOT solve the problem of poverty. It only delays it and puts the recipient further back from moving forward toward the solution

Solving the poverty issue starts with solving the lack of value being added by poverty-stricken people.

Of course this assumes a free-market environment. If the political system stifles the free flow of the market, more people will be in poverty than if the market is free to respond to who is adding value and who isn’t. Government ALWAYS retards the benefits of those who add value.

But worse than that, it falsely delays the climb out of poverty by the impoverished because it sends the wrong signal to the poverty stricken, making them think their solution is the government when it’s not the solution at all. It’s the problem.

The free-market allows those who are adding value to prosper and those who are learning to add value to overcome their impoverishment because the free market allows consumers to “vote” with their dollars. Each time you purchase something, you are “voting” for that value-added product/service. If you add enough value to a product or service, and if the free market can work with little or no government restrictions, licensing, etc., then you will earn money.

Again, the more value you add the more money you will make.

Kurt Gross

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Who To Believe

Is there a conscious effort to guide people into becoming good little robots who know just enough to hold down a job and serve in the military? Do the custodians of society, whoever “They” are, want everyone to be totally conscious and aware of truth? Or do “They” want us to stay within a certain ‘mental box’ which is aimed at helping “Them”, not you?

When it comes to your own financial well-being, will you follow the masses who are broke and in debt or are you willing to think outside of the ‘mental box’ we all were raised in?

Friends told me that networking wouldn’t work. They were right, for the masses of people, but for anyone who works an honest system, there is no income limit. I wanted that ceiling removed from my sky of limitations. If you want no limit to your income, climb out of the ‘mental box’ with me.

For over 18 years now, I get a check every month for doing two things, i.e. changing where I shop and sharing that experience with others. Do you think you could do that? I know you can, but only if your mind is open, not closed. The question for you is,

“Will you allow that idea room to grow in your head?”

My friends told me that’s not possible. They were wrong. I get a check every month and I have since July 1999 and I’m not sending the checks back. Does the store where you shop send you a check for helping them create sales volume? Who are you going to believe? What I know to be true and can prove it, or what your friends THINK can’t happen?

The good news is, you don’t have to make that call. All you have to decide is whether you will get the facts or not. I’ve kicked open the doors to all the information you want. I will provide you with info and answers without trying to convince you or sell you anything. I don’t sell or pressure anyone.

What could be easier? Work the 40 year, 40 hours a week plan just to get by? Or change where you shop and work with a group of folks who have learned how to navigate through the pitfalls and business opportunity scams?

I’ll be waiting to see who calls. Will it be you? Tour our site and see for yourself. Then call to talk whenever you are ready or have questions.

Who to believe can be difficult to figure out. Think for yourself. Are “They” right when they say that network marketing doesn’t work? The answer depends on who works it, a closed minded person or someone with an open mind. Which type person are you?

NOTE: The form on this site was removed because ‘computer robots’ were abusing it. If you would like more information, text me at 865-382-3010 (USA).

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Learning How To Make Money

When you know how to make money, you have more control of your time and thus your life. So why is the skill of making money not taught in schools? I think it’s because few people know that learning how to make money is little different than learning how to play the guitar or ride a bicycle.

Few realize that learning how to make money is a skill. It is not luck and it is not the same as having a job or starting a business. It’s significan to notice that learning how to make money is different from starting a business. The two acts are not necessarily always connected.

When you owe money to someone, they own a piece of your schedule so you could say they own a piece of you. Making money is about freedom and learning how to make money requires understanding some principles and practice, just like learning to play a guitar or riding a bicycle.

First skill that’s needed is to know how to sell. Not the pushy method most knuckleheads stumble around with. That is how to NOT sell. I’m talking about learning how to help the customer buy the product or service you’re selling.

Second thing to learn is that you need to like what you’re selling. If you don’t use it yourself, it’s much harder to help someone else purchase it. You need to find a niche that works. Some people call it a ‘hook’. It’s not important what you call it. It’s important that you find something that works for you.

Third, you must learn AND KNOW that you must sell at a higher price than you purchase at – duh! BUT you must also know what your expenses are (what it will cost you to sell your product/service) and this must be at or below what your competition is selling their product/service for. The key thing to focus on is not what you sell your product/service for but what price you pay for it. You make your money when you buy your product/service, not when you sell it. Buy wisely and you’ll be ahead of the competition.

Fourth, you must remove the fear and questions that your buyer has about your product/service. This requires you to educate your customer. Some people call this marketing and there are more ways to screw it up than there are ways to succeed with it. It is a learnable skill and you can also buy marketing from other people who specialize in it. It’s expensive and it’s hard to find those who know how to master it. You can spend a lot of money on marketing and get no or little results.

Fifth, you must be willing to fail, learn and try again. This is a cycle that you will need to accept and be willing to go through the cycle over and over again. The key is this – you should either learn what not to do again or you should make more money than you invested. Here’s the hard part – you must learn that either way you gained. You either made money or you lost, but either way, you gained experience and that’s the real gain in the end.

Sixth, you must learn to test so you can choose the model that performed better and then test that model against a new one. Repeat this over and over until you die, or go out of business, whichever happens first.

Seventh, start your venture with money that you already have. To borrow adds two demons to you – a new expense called interest but worse yet, you get a false sense that you’re in business. By starting with your own money, aka bootstrapping, you find out real early whether your idea is real or just looks good on paper, which leads to the next thing.

Eighth, plan. Have goals and a well-thought out idea of what you’re going to do. And have it written down on paper. Ok, you can type it, but get your ideas onto a hard copy and keep that plan in front of you daily. It’s ok to change it, most likely it will need to be changed, but write it down and use it daily to guide you.

Ninth, do not get discouraged. While there is a “fine line” between being persistent and knowing when to call it quits, most people put the “knowing when to quit” line was too forward. You must be willing to stick with it through much more than a novice would usually think. Persistence is one of the least possessed qualities among people.

Tenth, find a mentor who has done what you want to do. Not someone who THINKS they know how to achieve success. Not someone who teaches and preaches it with an eloquent flavor but someone who has actually DONE IT.

Happy trails . . . .

Kurt Gross

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